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Autumn EQUINOX & WILD Hydrosol September 22 2021

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Take a walk in our Fruitful Garden!

Autumn ingredients to LOVE

Cornus kousa, aka Kousa Dogwood "cherry" - This antioxidant rich berry is a wonderful SUPER FRUIT for the skin, for calming and improving overall skin 'feel'.

Artemisia vulgaris, aka Mugwort - both leaf & flower are helpful in reducing skin irritations like rosacea, eczema psoriasis and mild dermatitis.

Echinacea purpurea, aka Echinacea - leaf & flower contain strengthening elements which will lock in moisture & enhance collagen production


'PLANETARY' MAGICK, look up to the sky, listen & breathe

The curiosity & knowledge of lunar rhythms has been deeply rooted throughout human kind for centuries. The MOON's ability to influence plant & human spirit has a very special place in my own practices, especially within the Fruits to the Roots creation process. As I continue to develop my relationship with CELESTIAL bodies, the more clearly I see how our own uniquely perceived being, is reflected above in the heavens & below here on Earth.

fun read : Guided by the Moon
by Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe


WILD hydrosol | AUTUMN equinox
FRESHLY DISTILLED - from our autumnal garden

Nestled within our garden lays a treasure trove of medicinals throughout the year. Each turning of the season, I gather what the Earth gives to extract our WILD Hydrosol- every micro batch containing only what grows within our own garden, the plant magick that is gifted to us by our surrounding mountainous region & wild harvested, or herbs curated by local organic farmers. As each flower, fungi, berry, leaf, or root is gathered I capture the essence of the season Alchemizing a skin potion to benefit your UNIQUE BEAUTY and skin rituals. Every bottle of Wild Hydrosol is meant to empower the wearer with gentle botanical care and glean the power of NATURE's MAGICK in every application, and this year's Autumn batch has surprised me with a few new additions!

See the full ingredient unveil- and grab a bottle of this year's batch NOW- hints featured here

See our Instagram HIGHLIGHTS to explore the creation process!


SOUND BATH MEDITATION, what it is, and how to invite it into your beauty ritual...

Crystal Singing bowls, birdsong, garden sounds...

Over the last few years, I have fallen deeply for the healing sounds of the sound bath, so much so that I began offering them within my group 'experiences'. This time of year, is specifically wonderful for self transformation- as it is a time to surrender, shed 'old skins', and reflect on our connection to family, community & wellbeing. I have curated an intimate bundle to introduce this joyous experience into your home. Join me in this self guided autumnal journey.


visit offering : Sound Bath & Alchemy Bundle


"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."
Vincent Van Gogh

Happy Equinox!

Stay Wild,

Hello Beauty, fall is coming... September 09 2021

alchemy, sound bath, ritual, equinox

Transmute your rituals into gold...

Fall always announces itself to me as a gust of the last warm summer winds, stirring memories of spiced cinnamon teas & the soothing promise of rich ochre-sunbathed leaves. For me it is a reminder to slow down, cherish the shift and release what no longer benefits my ever-changing life. This free flowing state often lends itself to my beauty rituals, easily becoming a transformational piece of my own BEAUTY experience. This month, I encourage you to SLOW down your expectations, your commitments and your control over "what should be". SURRENDER YOURSELF to nourishment & ease.

Whether this is with a reviving soak, an aromatic awakening,

or even surrounding your being with rich inhales & full exhales... JUST BE and REMEMBER to feel into what gives you strength, pleasure and endurance this time of year.


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this pleasure bundle includes:

STRENGTH, salt & clay bath/foot soak

GROUNDED, saturn-aroma energetic mist

WARRIOR QUEEN, gold-leaf bar soap

SOUND BATH, experience

Elevated Food Magick August 31 2021

cocobakes.com, coco bakes, wild love pepper, fruits to the roots, botanical cooking spices, plant magcik, beauty from within 

cocobakes.com, coco bakes, wild love pepper, fruits to the roots, botanical cooking spices, plant magcik, beauty from within


Hello Beauty!

There are so many ways to be present with your BEAUTY.
Crafting & enjoying food is one of the most intuitive ways to play and gift yourself that MAGICK moment of INTENTION daily... plus, cooking with BALANCED NUTRIENT rich foods, can be such a SACRED part of your beauty JOURNEY.

Feeling good on the inside = GLOWING on the outside

and with that...

we have a NEW touch of PLANT MAGICK to give you that ELEVATED --- KA-BOOM!!!



WILD with LOVE for PLANT MAGICK in your food

As you know PLANT MAGICK is the backbone of my own creations from the very beginning, making it only natural to co-create a line with someone that shares these values. I have teamed up with my favorite bread HERO, CocoBakes, to bring you our very first official WILD LOVE PEPPER BLEND.

Featuring : organic black, pink, green & white peppercorns, organic botanicals : cassia cinnamon, holy basil, turmeric & rose petals, with a touch of himalayan salt.


grab your own bottle of WILD LOVE PEPPER by clicking here
or visit
You won't be sorry one bit!

Breathe in the aromas of your ingredients, letting them whisper secret wisdoms into your unique wonder!


eggs- any way you like em!
bread, YES! ahhem- I suggest Coco's grain-free buns, because they are delightful!
POPCORN POPCORN POPCORN yes, trust me, just do it. You're welcome.
all roasted vegetables, especially tomatoes- something magickal happens when the acid hits these botanicals! (i actually add it before roasting)
salads and salad dressings- it adds the perfect surprise to the palate!
get fancy with it- poached or flambeed pears, peaches, strawberries etc


Revel in your Beauty,


a touch of history...

I first met Coco during our time in Los Angeles Farmers Markets and she instantly gave me NATURAL BEAUTY, HILARIOUS AUTHENTICITY and VIBRANT CREATOR FEELS. I have adored watching her build a world of HEALING BAKED GOODS for COCO BAKES & am so proud that we are working with her!



Keep the Summer Glow Going All Year Long! August 19 2021

Lion's Gate Portal, limited edition toner August 10 2021

New Plant Magick is HERE! August 03 2021

Beauty, this DREAMY 'gel' face masque  has been in the works for many many months & I cannot fully express my JOY that it is FINALLY HERE!   With a FRUITY blend of natural acids to GENTLY EXFOLIATE, MINIMIZE appearance of wrinkles, & increase CELLULAR RENEWAL  as well as BOTANICALS like peppermint, prickly pear, ginkgo, dragons blood resin & more to BRIGHTEN and maintain a HEALTHY SKIN BARRIER for long lasting grace and SOFTEN the skin

Summer Sale Issue July 30 2021

Vitamin C serum, Botanical Feature : HORSETAIL. This has become one of my favorite botanicals to work with in the last few years for so many reasons - not only does it have incredible anti-aging / antioxidant benefits but it is also rich with minerals like magnesium, but also has anti- inflammatory and soothing / healing qualities making it great for nearly ALL SKIN TYPES! You will definitely be getting to know more very soon!

Dandelion, a plant of Jupiter that Rides on the Air April 19 2021

I am so pleased to be talking about the common and incredibly powerful DANDELION.

Spring is here, and while it brings the warmth and joy of early flowers, so too does it bring with it blooming 'weeds' like this wonderful little flower! It is one of our long time favorites to work with as a plant medicine, because literally all parts are edible!

Dandelions are amazing at helping so many things :
-reducing inflammation
-improving overall pain relief
-helping to aid digestion
-encouraging the release of toxic buildup
-reducing weight, blood pressure and so much more

HOW can you work with DANDELION MAGICK?

-Harvest golden tops, leaves and dig up that gorgeous root!
Clean them with water.

Fresh root can be juiced, or cut into tiny pieces and then dehydrated or even roasted YUM, to use for tea as you desire! SO DELICIOUS too and a great coffee replacement for those of you trying to cut down on caffeine. 

Put freshly cleaned leaves into the refrigerator to prevent wilting. You can pull them out when you are ready to use them. I love to blanch them for just a second in salted hot water and then saute them into any dish that you would use spinach or kale, finishing with a squeeze of lemon. You can even use them fresh, unblanched in a garden pesto replacing some of your basil! It does tend to be a tad bitter, so make sure you are still using some basil so that it doesn't feel overpowering. The leaves are wonderful to help aid in digestion! The smaller the leaves- the more tender the feel in the mouth.

To infuse into vinegar for dressings, or choose vodka for an easy anti-inflammatory boost in that cocktail- plus you get a gorgeous golden color!

Let flowers air dry for about a week in a clean place. (or use a food dehydrator to make sure they are good and dry). They will wilt and begin to look like the color is a bit muted, no need to worry this means they are losing moisture and that is important so that you don't add more moisture to your chosen liquid- as this will decrease shelf life significantly!
Add flowers to a glass Jar, top off with chosen liquid covering at least one inch above the plant matter. Put lid on tightly and make sure to shake it up.
Let sit in a sunny location for a month, shake it gently everyday. Keep an eye on it, as you may need to add more of your liquid if the plant matter swells above the surface.
Strain and bottle. Make sure to label your Magick Dandelion Potion!
*IF you want to make bitters instead- infuse your vodka with leaf, root and flower! Just make sure to let them wilt for at least a day or two after you clean them up.

ACV infusion can be used for marinades, dressings, and even works wonders on itchy patches of skin! I personally love this infusion for bug bites. Just dab onto a cotton round and pat on the area as needed to cool the itch and inflammation.

Vodka infusion can be used as a tincture- add a few drops to hot tea, juice or water. Or substitute half the vodka in your fav cocktail for your dandelion tincture! This will bring a warm boost to your mood and improve headache.

To get anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits for the skin, We would love for your to check out these offerings : 

VENUSERUM, rosehip serum -- to improve overall complexion and reduce blemishes
SOL, body oil -- to help reduce muscle aches and pains


Always drink teas and herbs responsibly. If you are unfamiliar, on medications or pregnant seek medical counsel before using herbs.

To read a bit more about dandelion- see our blog from years back below!

Happy Thursday, Thor's Day... yes that's right I said Thor's Day. Also known as Thunor, in Norse mythology, the god of Sky and Thunder. Closely identifying to the Roman God Jupiter, also the god of Sky and Thunder. In Japanese the word Jupiter, Mokuyōbi, translates to "wood star". Wood being strong, and deeply rooted.

Herbs have a way of translating their energy, their essential being into their physical forms.
 For example the dandelion.

So I know you are familiar with them as what you currently think are pesky, annoying, ugly, WEEDS...

The memories I have as a child of picking those glorious fuzzy flowers and blowing!!! Whether it be to make a wish or just to lay back and watch the feather light seeds dance on the wind...
and then, out of nowhere someone getting peeved and telling me, “no, you cannot do that, you’re spreading weeds!” When all along I thought I was spreading wishes.

 Well, I can tell you now I am proud of my dandelion spreading days. They have become a beloved gift in my herb cabinet. You can make the root or leaf into a glorious tea, a bold tincture, or even a wine or beer! Heck, why not try making some delightful dandelion bitters or a dandelion greens pesto while you're at it! So yummy

Taraxacum officinale
Piss-a-Bed, Blowball, Cankerwort, Common Dandelion, Dandelion Herb, Lion’s Tooth, Pissenlit, Priest’s Crown, Swine Snout, White Endive, Wild Endive.

Their very design shows the integrity of their energetic magic!

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, making Thursday, often a wonderful day to consume a delicious, wood-resembling, dandelion root brew.
The ruling element is Air, which I find curious and all the more wonderful. I so badly want to run through a field of dandelion puff balls and watch as they disperse into the air… traveling a distance until they are caught and root and become another lovely yellow puff bearing medicinal flowers, leaves of green, and bitter woody roots full of wonder and power! And the occasional fuzzy seed pod to spread more wishes!

There is mythology and folklore surrounding this nutrient rich plant. Some believe the number of blows it takes to set all the seeds to flight tells you what time of day it is. Others believe that brewing a strong roasted dandelion tea helps to promote psychic powers, and strengthen divination tools.

Modern herbalists, like myself, recommend taking a strong tea of dandelion root to help with a number of ailments.

Helpful for digestion due to their bitter taraxacins, liver de-toxification, helps increase urination (which also will lower blood pressure), works to fight off microbes and fungus, full of antioxidants which help to slow the aging process by preventing free- radical damage to cells, due to the high amounts of natural mucilage dandelion is also helpful for regulating bile production, helping to treat a buildup (Bronchitis) or lack thereof (Constipation). Dandelion also contains essential fatty acids that help to relieve pain and swelling by helping to decrease inflammation.

What is not to love about this fantastically bold, thunderous, applause worthy plant? In a word… nothing! So go brew!

Vogue Magazine & How You Glow, features with Pure Potions June 14 2016

I have to say, that as a little girl growing up singing and dancing to Madonna, I never thought I'd be able to say "VOGUE" in this way! Haha, so excited and honored that my fabulous partner and I were featured in VOGUE magazine, for our collaborative Elixir business Pure Potions

We are SO excited and honored to be featured in VOGUE magazine alongside of so many fantastic wellness gurus and herbalists!

Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, March 2016

see the snippet below :  

"Is coffee friend or foe? According to the headlines regularly splashing across wellness sites, the pendulum seems to swing with some frequency. On one hand, a growing body of research shows a wide-ranging host of potential health benefits associated with the drink, including lower risks of cardiovascular disease and cirrhosis. On the other, there’s talk in alternative-medicine circles that a cup (or two or three) can stress out your adrenals and shift sleep patterns.

There’s an empty cold brew—delicious, gone too soon—next to this coffee drinker as I type, and yet even I can recall fruitful breaks from the habit; a few days after the fog subsided, I remember waking up clearer-headed and more even-keeled, the sine curve of energy spikes and dips noticeably smoother. Flirting with the idea of another break, I cast around for inspiration and asked a group of herbalists, wellness gurus, and chefs for their favorite alternatives. Between an almond milk smoothie fortified with skin-boosting probiotics and a bottled tonic spiked with fulvic acid and adaptogenic herbs, here are seven new ways to jump-start the morning, one for every day of the week, from a few of our favorite experts."

7. Lauren Dodge and Brooke Rewa

Founders of Pure Potions, Los Angeles

The drink: “I’m obsessed with the Latte Elixir recipe we created,” Rewa says of her go-to morning drink, which can be made with any of the line’s three herbal powders. (Her favorite is Beauty; Dodge prefers Longevity, which she blends into an avocado-berry smoothie.) For Rewa, the warm tonic is both indulgent and deeply nourishing. “The frothy rose-cinnamon flavor makes me feel like I can take a deep breath and start the day with a clear mind,” she says.

The how-to: Healthy fats and a well-rounded blend of herbs make this a potent wake-up elixir.

1 T of your favorite Pure Potion Elixir
1 tsp. coconut oil
1 tsp. hemp seeds
1 date
8 oz. hot water

Put all ingredients in a blender, and blend until creamy and frothy.

read the full snap shot here :  Trying to Kick Coffee?



Brooke and I had so much fun at this tea party with the Ladies of How You Glow
and the incredibly talented Coco, from Coco Bakes L.A. We served up elixirs and Coco Bakes goodies and handmade marshmallows made with our powdered elixirs! Yes, we know... we pull out all the stops when it comes to tea parties :)

Click HERE for full article


Photography by : Emily Knecht



Fabletics Feature : Cold Brewing Teas June 09 2016

So excited to share these cold brew recipes with our clients and the readers at The Core, by Fabletics

The beginning of summer is a great time to reset our awareness towards overall wellbeing.  The long days full of activities and exotic travel, while exhilarating, tend to put us into an unrelenting routine that can leave one feeling depleted or overrun.  We all set out to relax and take a break, but ultimately, this inspiring sunny season can have a strong impact over our body, spirit, and soul.  Taking the time to care for yourself can often be the last thing we have on our minds when we are trying to fit everything in.

Cold Brew your Teas

The ever so popular method of cold brewing isn’t just for coffee.  Cold brewing makes it easy to enjoy most types of tea as it requires no energy to heat the water, and doesn’t require exact steeping times.  The forgiving nature of a cold brewed tea eliminates a good amount of acidity, bitterness, and overall, brings out more delicate aromas and flavors in a way that is very different from brewing with hot water.  Brewing with cold water actually allows the tealeaves, or herbs, a chance to extract their wellness properties in a very delicate way.  Hot brewing breaks down the plant further and can end up diminishing the more sensitive nature of a plant.  However, cold water actually supports and maintains higher anti-oxidant levels and leaves behind more of the natural plant oils and essence.  In this way, cold brewing becomes not only more palatable for most new tea drinkers, but more active, alive, and bio-available.

In honor of National Iced Tea Day, here are some botanical beauty and wellbeing tips and recipes to help ensure that this summer season is one of your healthiest (and sexiest) yet!

Whether you find yourself dehydrated, feeling a bit under the weather, or stressed from travel, teas and botanicals have an abundance of wellness elements.

There are many things I love about sitting and being present with a hot brewing cup of tea, but during Summer when I have a lot on my plate or want to enjoy an iced tea beverage, cold brewed tea is what I seek.

At Fruits to the Roots, some of my favorite botanical for cold brewing include the following wellness support blends :

A Cooling / Hydrating / Detoxing / Sports Drink Alternative 

Hibiscus- 2 TBS
Goji Berry- 1 TBS
Dandelion Root- 1.5 tsp
Crysanthemum- 3 to 4 flowers


A Supportive Brain Boosting / Anti-Anxiety / Stress Relief ‘Tea’

Reishi Mushroom- 1 TBS
Ashwagandha- 1 TBS
Lavender- 1 ½ tsp
Spearmint- 1 TBS + 1 ½ tsp

A Vitality / Sexual Prowess / Cardiovascular Health ‘Tea’

Damiana- 1 TBS
Rose- 1 TBS
Maca Root- 1 tsp
Nettle Leaf- 2 tsp
Hawthorn Berry- 1 TBS

An Uplifting / Immunity/ Adaptogen / Day Starter

Ti Kwan Yin Oolong- 1 TBS
Holy Basil- 1 TBS
Chaga Mushroom- 1 TBS
Orange Peel- 1 TBS

Cold Brewing Instructions

What you need:

-A pitcher or glass jar approximately 24- 32 oz

-2 to 4 TBS of dried herbs or tea of choice

-24-32 oz of fresh- crisp cool or room temperature water

How To Cold Brew Instructions:

Using mindfulness, add 2 to 4 Tablespoons of dried herbs or tea to your pitcher or jar.

Gently pour cool or room temperature water over the herbs and stir to make sure that botanicals are saturated.

Cover to help reduce any messes and brew 30 mins (at room temperature) or upto 3 hours (in the refrigerator)

With Gratitude, strain out tealeaves or botanicals.

Enjoy over ice, or as is. So easy, delicious and full of beautiful wellbeing properties.

Other Tips and Tricks :

For Tealeaf and Tealeaf/Herb Blend Infusions (white, green, black teas)  –

Use 2 TBS and stick to shorter brewing times, as these can become easily astringent.

~A lovely base for a morning elixir, like Pure Potions , Beauty Elixir

For Herbs, Herbal Blends and Fruit Infusions –

Use 2 to 4 TBS depending on taste preference. Brew usual time suggestion, as they tend to be forgiving and break down gracefully. 

~A fantastically flirty addition to soda water, fresh juices, afternoon mocktails + cocktails

For Hard Roots and Medicinal Mushroom Infusions –

Use 4 TBS and Brew in the refrigerator overnight to further their medicinal properties.

~I adore addding this extraction to broths, smoothies, or sauces to up their immune system and digestive support


Always drink teas and herbs responsibly. If you are unfamiliar, on medications or pregnant seek medical counsel before using herbs.


to read on Fabletics click HERE

Fabletics Feature : The Benefits of Tea for the Mind, Body and Soul March 18 2016

enjoy this little article I wrote for Fabletics

Although our society is largely accustomed to chemicals, genetically modified foods and western medicine, there has been a noticeable shift toward the more natural path.  People are craving to reconnect with real, whole products and foods.  One popular trend that is resurfacing is tea because of its multitude of benefits for mind, body and soul.

For centuries, we have found ways to connect with plants and nature.  The beginning of our relationship was based on survival, but as we’ve evolved, it has become so much more.  People find gentleness and compassion within plants in a way that not only sustains life, but also adds to our experience of the universe around us.  When we begin to listen to our plant counterparts, there is an undeniable flow and reciprocation of life force, essence and wisdom.

Tea – whether it is a delicate green, an herbal chai, or an ever-so-healing adaptogen tonic – has been utilized for thousands of years.  The popularity of this familiar beverage has not only created a classic following, but for the millennial tea drinker, a path towards further connection with plants and the surrounding world.

There are many things I love about working with tea and herbs, but the most fulfilling reward comes from seeing people use natural means to heal themselves.  If you live in a bustling metropolis (such as Los Angeles, like I do), tea is one of the easiest ways to reconnect to yourself and nature.

There are many things you should keep in mind when buying tea, but it really comes down to one single idea: quality, organic product.  To ensure you are getting the best, always buy loose leaf tea.  Each plant has been on a special journey to reach your cup.  Buying loose leaf tea allows you to see the plant, smell it, appreciate its color, and use proper attention and intention to allow for a beautifully brewed cup of tea.



To get you started on your own tea journey, here’s a recipe for Fruits to the Roots’ twist on a classic favorite:


What you need:
1 oz. of carefully selected Organic Earl Grey Tea
1 tsp. of each of the following:
• Rose petals – toning and soothing
• Lavender flowers – relaxes anxieties and stress
• Orange peel – aids digestion
• Rosemary –improves concentration
• Ashwagandha root – adaptogen herb: aids overall wellbeing by creating balance

Now, find a beautiful space to mindfully blend your tea.  Thank each ingredient for its gifts and delicious qualities and then begin to add them to your Earl Grey tea.

Once you carefully mixed in all of your ingredients, voila!  Now it’s time to brew the perfect cup.

What you need:
1 muslin tea bag, or one stainless steel tea infuser
Your favorite mug
8-10 ounces of water, set to boil
1 tsp. of PLAYFUL GREY

Begin by setting the water to boil.  Be careful not to over boil it, this can change the taste drastically.  Once the water comes to a boil, remove from the heat while you prepare your tealeaves.  Let your intention set the tone for what your day brings as you gracefully place one teaspoon into your tea infuser.  As you pour the hot water over your tea, allow gratitude in.  While the tea is brewing, sit with it and breathe in the vapor as it rises and moves through the air, letting it guide your senses.  After 3 to 5 minutes, remove your tea infuser and reserve for re-brewing (yes, you can brew your tea again!).

May it bring added playfulness and intention to your day!

Some of my other favorite tonics to try:


Always drink teas and herbs responsibly. If you are unfamiliar, on medications or pregnant seek medical counsel before using herbs.

to read the full article at Fabletics click here