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We have made a gorgeous ritual soap to share with each of you that received a Moonbox. When creating our intentional products we like to use many fields of practice and study. Between myself and my co-creator we have 15+ years of herbal connection, use, and creation. Many traditions call to our passion for herbs. One such passion is the practice of Plant Alchemy.

Within the alchemical tradition the planets hold archetypal energy. We can call these into use by aligning our practice of creation with certain days of the week and hours of the day that are associated with the planets energy we want to highlight. Many people have forgotten that even the names of the days of the week have a strong association with their planetary rulers. Our ritual soap for this month's Pieces Moon Box utilized three very specific Planetary archetypes: Moon, Venus, and Saturn.


To help us to focus on these energies, we worked solely on specific days and at specific hours of the day to guide us and create this Ritual Soap.


Monday is Moon Day (Lundi- luna day)

Friday is Freya Day (Teutonic goddess of love associated with the goddess and planet Venus)

Saturday is Saturn Day. 


The soap was made on the last full moon, Freya’s Day, July 31st, during the hours of Moon and Saturn. As this month’s full moon falls on Saturn’s Day we wanted to give honor and structure to this particular guide. Our soap was ‘born’ on the first Moon Day after the previous full moon.


The intention when working in this way, is to call upon the archetypal energy of these planets and imbue it into whatever product we are creating, so that these energies can be harnessed by you when you are bathing. We believe, and find, that there is a great source of power in all of the universal elements and that by focusing on specific energies, we are able to get more healing, nourishing and connection to all that is around us. Intention is after all a deep magic of its own making.



Venus is associated with Beauty, and passion. This is the ultimate access to our feminine prowess. While the moon is more nurturing and earth mamma energy, Venus represents a more enigmatic fire within our feminine being. Creation and sexual desire are no stranger to her power.


Moon is associated with creativity and wildness. In many cultures the moon represents important times of specialized plant work, for example the harvest. Full moons are times of ripe celestial enlivenment that we can harness and access all throughout the month following.


Saturn is associated with structure and form. How perfect, that we could create a ritual soap during Saturn hour, to be used this Saturn day, August 29th, full moon. What more could we hope for, but asking for structural balance and purity in form.


...Your Ritual Soap Blessing...

Walking on MoonBeams

May the goddess Freya hold &
caress you by the light of this
full Moon. May her ever loving
softness instill the wisdom of
seeing what lies within your own
beautiful being. May Saturn's
rings remind you of the delicate
nature in which you were created.
May you gain stability & honor
from this day always knowing
that your body is sacred &
full of light. May you strive
for the ability to thrive in
harmony with nature & within
your own structural balance.
May you cherish & embrace
your own Divinity & that of the
guidance within this full moon.
May you embody the wild within,
reveling in the serenity of this
ritual bath.

Alchemically Created. With passion, full of
intention & love on the July 31st full moon
falling on Freya-Day, or  Venus-Day, representing
femininity & strength. Intended for Ritual use
on the August 29, full moon,falling on Saturn-Day.
A day of balance to honor the structure of our very
natures.  Energetically charged with  fluorite,
smoky quartz, & purifying salt stones. For more
information about this soap and others see
visit our blog post for
Moonlight Alchemy Series -- Gaia Collective
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Soap list ingredients

Organic Oils of
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
with Oils of
water and sodium hydroxide (to transmute fats to soap)

extractions of
Aloe Vera
Sweet Orange
Valerian Root
Purification Salts


music listened to during this creation:

"Gold", Glen Hansard

"Compass", Zella Day

"Be here Now", Ray LaMontagne

"Vessel", Dan Mangan

"Cranekiss", Tamryn


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