April 'EMPOWER' MoonBox Botanical Tea Blend Benefits

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This tea was crafted in Venus, offering a surrendered strength of nurture and nature. Whether you work from a physical or spiritual ‘womb’ to care for and rejuvenate a powerful creative center, we generate POWER through connectivity and nourishment. I have designed this blend for you to enjoy infusing it with balance, harmony, vitality and of course EMPOWERMENT.

Raspberry Leaf: This herb had to be in this blend! A Venusian herb, of love and protection, helpful for creating strength and health in the uterus. This herb contains an alkaloid that helps to tone the muscles within the pelvis area. Drinking this tea helps to increase both spiritual and physical fertility. She is high in minerals and is often used in breastfeeding teas. Raspberry Leaf offers a delightful taste, reminiscent of black tea- but without caffeine. She reminds us to be patient and gentle with ourselves and one another.

Schisandra Berry: Sun ruled, I included this berry for its unique spicy / sweet flavor and uplifting / invigorating profile. A traditional Chinese Medicine herb and adaptogen, meaning an herb that helps us adapt to the stress in our lives, improving nervous system functions, maintaining balanced energy levels, increases sexual desires and endurance.

Shatavari Root: I wanted to include this herb because I adore the name, which translates to-
‘Woman of a Hundred Husbands’, most likely due to its traditional uses to encourage vigor and enjoyment in the bedroom. Traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine and an herb of India, prized for its capability to balance the reproductive and hormone systems. Also, helpful for inflammation, cooling digestion and breathing. This herb is especially helpful for those experiencing dryness throughout the body offering, nourishing and lubricating effects. This Venus ruled plant will increase the bonds of your love 100-fold.

Ginger: This Mars ruled herb is included for its incredible array of benefits and comforting personality. A rhizome that increases circulation and sensitivity within the body. Helps fight infection, relieve nausea, improve appetite, relieves muscular and joint pain, improves brain function and so much more. Inspiring success and a grounded nature, Ginger is sure to bring empowerment to your life.

Hibiscus Flower: A Mercurial plant, included for its enlivening color and uniqueness when brewed. Offering this herb in our blend allows for an added touch of whimsy. This flower is high in Vitamin C, helps to benefit immunity, hair growth, healthy glowing skin, improves metabolic health. It has also been known to relieve menstrual pain, manage blood pressure and relieve thirst! Hibiscus flowers have been used to help bring heart wisdom to your life, assisting in goals and supporting meditation.

Licorice Root: I wanted to include licorice for its capability to enhance the effectiveness of the overall blend. Another Chinese Medicine herb, licorice helps to improve digestion, increase the activeness of the liver including improving cortisol levels (a stress fighting hormone). It’s capability to improve the mood, boost immunity, soothe a sore throat and even treat PMS make this herb a versatile plant ally. This Mercurial plant helps with aiding communication, and inspiring passion to take hold.

To better enjoy your EMPOWERED Tea :
Brew covered up to 20 minutes for enhanced benefits and enjoyment.

Be Well,

Co-Founder, Fruits To The Roots
MoonBox In-House Herbalist


* When using herbs please keep in mind, no two people are the same, no two plants are the same. Both ourselves and plants, have unique bodies, lives, and experiences, that can affect the nature of the relationship from tea cup to absorption within the body.

* These statements should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about the use of this product. Statements have not been FDA approved. If pregnant or nursing seek medical counsel before using. Seek medical advice when using herbs for children.

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