Autumn EQUINOX & WILD Hydrosol September 22 2021

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Take a walk in our Fruitful Garden!

Autumn ingredients to LOVE

Cornus kousa, aka Kousa Dogwood "cherry" - This antioxidant rich berry is a wonderful SUPER FRUIT for the skin, for calming and improving overall skin 'feel'.

Artemisia vulgaris, aka Mugwort - both leaf & flower are helpful in reducing skin irritations like rosacea, eczema psoriasis and mild dermatitis.

Echinacea purpurea, aka Echinacea - leaf & flower contain strengthening elements which will lock in moisture & enhance collagen production


'PLANETARY' MAGICK, look up to the sky, listen & breathe

The curiosity & knowledge of lunar rhythms has been deeply rooted throughout human kind for centuries. The MOON's ability to influence plant & human spirit has a very special place in my own practices, especially within the Fruits to the Roots creation process. As I continue to develop my relationship with CELESTIAL bodies, the more clearly I see how our own uniquely perceived being, is reflected above in the heavens & below here on Earth.

fun read : Guided by the Moon
by Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe


WILD hydrosol | AUTUMN equinox
FRESHLY DISTILLED - from our autumnal garden

Nestled within our garden lays a treasure trove of medicinals throughout the year. Each turning of the season, I gather what the Earth gives to extract our WILD Hydrosol- every micro batch containing only what grows within our own garden, the plant magick that is gifted to us by our surrounding mountainous region & wild harvested, or herbs curated by local organic farmers. As each flower, fungi, berry, leaf, or root is gathered I capture the essence of the season Alchemizing a skin potion to benefit your UNIQUE BEAUTY and skin rituals. Every bottle of Wild Hydrosol is meant to empower the wearer with gentle botanical care and glean the power of NATURE's MAGICK in every application, and this year's Autumn batch has surprised me with a few new additions!

See the full ingredient unveil- and grab a bottle of this year's batch NOW- hints featured here

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SOUND BATH MEDITATION, what it is, and how to invite it into your beauty ritual...

Crystal Singing bowls, birdsong, garden sounds...

Over the last few years, I have fallen deeply for the healing sounds of the sound bath, so much so that I began offering them within my group 'experiences'. This time of year, is specifically wonderful for self transformation- as it is a time to surrender, shed 'old skins', and reflect on our connection to family, community & wellbeing. I have curated an intimate bundle to introduce this joyous experience into your home. Join me in this self guided autumnal journey.


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"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."
Vincent Van Gogh

Happy Equinox!

Stay Wild,