Hello Beauty, fall is coming... September 09 2021

alchemy, sound bath, ritual, equinox

Transmute your rituals into gold...

Fall always announces itself to me as a gust of the last warm summer winds, stirring memories of spiced cinnamon teas & the soothing promise of rich ochre-sunbathed leaves. For me it is a reminder to slow down, cherish the shift and release what no longer benefits my ever-changing life. This free flowing state often lends itself to my beauty rituals, easily becoming a transformational piece of my own BEAUTY experience. This month, I encourage you to SLOW down your expectations, your commitments and your control over "what should be". SURRENDER YOURSELF to nourishment & ease.

Whether this is with a reviving soak, an aromatic awakening,

or even surrounding your being with rich inhales & full exhales... JUST BE and REMEMBER to feel into what gives you strength, pleasure and endurance this time of year.


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this pleasure bundle includes:

STRENGTH, salt & clay bath/foot soak

GROUNDED, saturn-aroma energetic mist

WARRIOR QUEEN, gold-leaf bar soap

SOUND BATH, experience