Pure Potions in VOGUE Magazine June 14 2016

I have to say, that as a little girl growing up singing and dancing to Madonna, I never thought I'd be able to say "VOGUE" in this way! Haha, so excited and honored that my fabulous partner and I were featured in VOGUE magazine, for our collaborative Elixir business Pure Potions

We are SO excited and honored to be featured in VOGUE magazine alongside of so many fantastic wellness gurus and herbalists!

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Trying to Kick Coffee?

Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, March 2016


Fabletics Blog, The Core, Cold Brew June 10 2016

So excited to share these cold brew recipes with our clients and the readers at The Core, by Fabletics


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Live the Process, feature May 12 2016

Live the Process recently featured Pure Potions, both myself and Brooke felt incredibly honored and over the moon to be speaking with such a great lifestyle blog!

Feeling a little like a couple of healthy rock stars~ incredibly grateful for the chance to speak our truths :)

I would love for you to read the full interview HERE


Brooke, looking gorgeous!


Excerpt below-----

A Moment With Pure Potions


May 12, 2016 by Live The Process

Brooke Rewa and Lauren Dodge were meant to find each other.

Both women discovered their passion for wellness early on: Dodge—an herbalist and Auyervedic expert—spent her childhood surrounded and infatuated by plants and nature. That, combined with her inherent compassion, fueled her to launch botanical wellness line, Fruits To The Roots.

Rewa—a superfood expert—discovered juicing and holistic nutrition after struggling with her own digestive issues. Ultimately, she launched Renew Juicery, an organic, cold-pressed, glass bottled juice company known for its functional offerings and delicious flavor profiles. Soon after, she launched almond milk brand, Mylk, and LA herbal healing and cryotherapy destination, Renew Juicery Wellness Center.

When the two women met by chance at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market, it was a wellness match made in heaven. In a “great minds” instance, they realized they were both toying with the same concept: a collection of herbal and superfood elixirs. Ultimately, together they launched Pure Potions, satisfying that desire....

How You Glow, feature Pure Potions April 06 2016

Brooke and I had so much fun at this tea party with the Ladies of How You Glow
and the incredibly talented Coco, from Coco Bakes L.A. We served up elixirs and Coco Bakes goodies and handmade marshmallows made with our powdered elixirs! Yes, we know... we pull out all the stops when it comes to tea parties :)

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Photography by : Emily Knecht

Rose Jam, Spring, and Ostara Limited Edition Soap March 25 2016

My Garden has officially declared Spring with some much needed

'heartopening' gaia medicine! ROSE


      To honor the roses of my garden, I have decided to make some delicious rose jam :)

Full of love, this calming delightful treat is delicious on top of just about everything! biscuits, ice cream, yogurt and more...


As Promised your first DIY sneak peak...



11 oz pure clean water

11 oz pure cane sugar, coconut sugar or white sugar (the whiter sugars make for a prettier color in the end, but I went for pure unbleached and the color is still quite lovely)

1 oz fresh ORGANIC/untreated Rose Petals (the stronger the smelling of rose the better!)

1 meyer lemon JUICED

Will Make about 11 oz of 'Jam'


Begin by...

Removing your rose petals gently from their stems and lightly rinsing. Add them to a large bowl with the juice of your lemon and your sugar. Massage them with your hand until you have formed a paste. You don't want to tear your rose petals, just 'bruise' them.

The lemon juice and sugar will help to bring out their gorgeous aroma!

Add your rose petal paste to the water in a saucepan and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Stir regularly to prevent burning. After about 20-30 mins it should be a thicker consistency. This is a flower jam, so your consistency in the end will be more like a syrup then a jam. Carefully pour into sterilized glass jars and let cool. Once cool keep refrigerated and use within 2-3 months to be safe. HA! Like it will last that long! YUM



The Spirit of Easter and Earth embrace so naturally this time of year making it easy to see new life and hope everywhere.

We are jumping into full production at Fruits to the Roots. We have been hard at work creating a limited collection of TALISMANIC Products only produced during certain celestial occurrences such as the equinox and solstices. In celebration of the spring we will be releasing a special soap. The scent of this goddess inspired soap is floral, sexy and full of sunshine! Made in the the essence of the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox of this year, calling to aid the intentions of hope, growth, inspiration, fertility and strength this soap will be a nourishing, loving, and balancing combination. Get ready for it, there will be a extremely limited supply available May 1st


Pre-order yours by clicking here OSTARA

Also available our limited Vernal Equinox Dream Salve



Some thoughts on the Alchemy and Rebirth of Nature

Beautiful Spring Inspired art "Shimu" by creator Hussam Elsherif
To read more from Khushushban click HERE



The Vernal Equinox otherwise known as the first day of spring is a perfect split of night and day. Equinox = when day and night are of equal length, Vernal = occuring to or relating to spring. On this day the sun is located exactly above the equator shining down upon us creating momentous energy and encouragement for growth and new beginnings.


Throughout time there have been many ways with which one could choose to give thanks and proclaim festivities during the beginning of spring. Some called on Ishtar (Babylonian- Assyrian), Flora (Roman), Osiris (Egyptian), Freya (Norse), and Ostara or Eostre (Germanic). The different traditions surrounding the god or goddess represented a time of rebirth, renewal, the return of vegetation and celebrating fertility. A time when Mother Earth and the Green Man would join in sacred marriage. Some of these festivities were adopted, such as the name Eostre, by Christian tradition becoming a part of the common modern understanding of Easter.


Eostre, from the writings of 8th century Bede:

"Eosturmonath has a name which is now translated "Paschal month", and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month. Now they designate that Paschal season by her name, calling the joys of the new rite by the time-honoured name of the old observance." Eostre = Paschal, latin for Passover.Now known as the month of April.    


File:Ostara by Johannes Gehrts.jpg

 Ostara by Johannes Gehrts

Like the pagan traditions of Eostre celebrated on and around the spring equinox, Easter also coincides with special celestial occurrence. As celebrated by Christians, Easter occurs on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the Vernal Equinox. There are arguments about the origin story of both the hare and the egg. Both elements show up in tradition for a number of pagan festivities and the Christian celebration of Easter. For Centuries decorating eggs has been a tradition for cultures all around the world to symbolize fertility and life. And the bunny, there are many stories of spring and the importance of the hare. Some of my favorite thoughts include that the Teutonic spring goddess Eostre, kept a hare as a familiar or that she was able to take form as a hare. Interestingly, hares or rabbits are also often seen as a symbol for sacrificial death. With life comes death, and often times with death comes new life. It is sad but it seems that modern practice has forgotten what the egg and hare actually represent, letting them fade to a place only visible in the back of the mind.  However, not so surprisingly, the relics of the celebration remain the same.


It is fascinating that so many beliefs and traditions are arranged according to astronomical occurrence. It's boggling and wonderful to ponder that the heavens shining down are encouraging us to connect in a deeply spiritual way. Throughout history different customs, traditions and religions seem to fall into alignment in appreciation for specific moments in astronomical time. The significance and energy from the planetary alignments seem to allow a clearer sense of self and intention in the world.  One can't help but feel invigorated. With the power of hope and new life seemingly waiting at each corner of the world how could you resist feeling a sense of enlivenment!?


The stars love to tell their story, giving guide and understanding to the otherwise mundane. During this time a few thousand years ago, travelers and wanderers would often be at the height of a journey toward the holy land. This thought inspires me to take a moment today to revel in the moonlight. Yesterday marked the first full moon after the vernal equinox, True Easter, as celebrated by many hermetic traditions. This Easter moon is the most powerful full moon of the year. Occurring at a time when the world is ready to celebrate the death of winter and the beginning of spring. All of the Earth is overflowing with energy, growth, and life. Dance in it... Breath it in... Be Still in it... Become enlivened by it... let it inspire you.

Happy Spring. Be Well... Lauren


Check out these outrageously beautiful naturally dyed eggs click HERE to DIY

The Benefits of Tea for the Mind, Body and Soul -- Fabletics Blog March 18 2016

Incredibly Grateful, Spring is Here!!!!
Enjoy the article I wrote for the Fabletics Team to feature in this months blog.

Share your support by reading it here :) xo and Be Well, Lauren
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Why hello pumpkin pie! September 23 2015

Why hello pumpkin pie! and happy fall equinox :)


With the overwhelming love and excitement I have when fall arrives there are few things I adore more than the turning of the leaves. But pumpkin pie comes close, as do pumpkin spice lattes! OH heavens above!

presenting a "latt-E-llixir"
DIY, first days of fall

Making my very own custom blend of herbs for this delicious elixir!

Step one
gather all equipment.
this includes:
2tsp elixir herbs(powdered, you can grab yours HERE): mine today is milk thistle, raspberry leaf, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, licorice root, dandelion root, maca root and ginkgo leaf!
10-12oz hot water, 1tsp agave (or other sweetener if you like ex. one date, honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, skip ALL TOGETHER if TRYING to be EXTRA GOOD), 2TBS pumpkin puree (from cooked pumpkin, i use organic bpa free pumpkin from can), coconut oil (or manna), 1-2 tsp hemp seeds, a blender, and a 10-12oz mug.


Step two
put 1-2 tsp of elixir powder into your hot water, bring water just below boiling
add all other ingredients to your blender (preferably glass)

Step three
once at optimal temp, pour elixir water over other ingredients in your blender and blend for 20 seconds.

Step four
pour carefully into your mug
dust with turmeric or cinnamon powder or BOTH :)


now, remember when i said healthy and delicious...tell me I am wrong!?
umm, you can't! because it ROCKS falls leaves off!


be well, drink elixirs... with love and light on this first fall day!

get your very own custom blend HERE

or our Special edition PUMPKIN PIE here

Moonlight Alchemy Series -- Gaia Collective August 28 2015

We have made a gorgeous ritual soap to share with each of you that received a Moonbox. When creating our intentional products we like to use many fields of practice and study. Between myself and my co-creator we have 15+ years of herbal connection, use, and creation. Many traditions call to our passion for herbs. One such passion is the practice of Plant Alchemy.

Within the alchemical tradition the planets hold archetypal energy. We can call these into use by aligning our practice of creation with certain days of the week and hours of the day that are associated with the planets energy we want to highlight. Many people have forgotten that even the names of the days of the week have a strong association with their planetary rulers. Our ritual soap for this month's Pieces Moon Box utilized three very specific Planetary archetypes: Moon, Venus, and Saturn.


To help us to focus on these energies, we worked solely on specific days and at specific hours of the day to guide us and create this Ritual Soap.


Monday is Moon Day (Lundi- luna day)

Friday is Freya Day (Teutonic goddess of love associated with the goddess and planet Venus)

Saturday is Saturn Day. 


The soap was made on the last full moon, Freya’s Day, July 31st, during the hours of Moon and Saturn. As this month’s full moon falls on Saturn’s Day we wanted to give honor and structure to this particular guide. Our soap was ‘born’ on the first Moon Day after the previous full moon.


The intention when working in this way, is to call upon the archetypal energy of these planets and imbue it into whatever product we are creating, so that these energies can be harnessed by you when you are bathing. We believe, and find, that there is a great source of power in all of the universal elements and that by focusing on specific energies, we are able to get more healing, nourishing and connection to all that is around us. Intention is after all a deep magic of its own making.



Venus is associated with Beauty, and passion. This is the ultimate access to our feminine prowess. While the moon is more nurturing and earth mamma energy, Venus represents a more enigmatic fire within our feminine being. Creation and sexual desire are no stranger to her power.


Moon is associated with creativity and wildness. In many cultures the moon represents important times of specialized plant work, for example the harvest. Full moons are times of ripe celestial enlivenment that we can harness and access all throughout the month following.


Saturn is associated with structure and form. How perfect, that we could create a ritual soap during Saturn hour, to be used this Saturn day, August 29th, full moon. What more could we hope for, but asking for structural balance and purity in form.


...Your Ritual Soap Blessing...

Walking on MoonBeams

May the goddess Freya hold &
caress you by the light of this
full Moon. May her ever loving
softness instill the wisdom of
seeing what lies within your own
beautiful being. May Saturn's
rings remind you of the delicate
nature in which you were created.
May you gain stability & honor
from this day always knowing
that your body is sacred &
full of light. May you strive
for the ability to thrive in
harmony with nature & within
your own structural balance.
May you cherish & embrace
your own Divinity & that of the
guidance within this full moon.
May you embody the wild within,
reveling in the serenity of this
ritual bath.

Alchemically Created. With passion, full of
intention & love on the July 31st full moon
falling on Freya-Day, or  Venus-Day, representing
femininity & strength. Intended for Ritual use
on the August 29, full moon,falling on Saturn-Day.
A day of balance to honor the structure of our very
natures.  Energetically charged with  fluorite,
smoky quartz, & purifying salt stones. For more
information about this soap and others see
visit our blog post for
Moonlight Alchemy Series -- Gaia Collective
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Soap list ingredients

Organic Oils of
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
with Oils of
water and sodium hydroxide (to transmute fats to soap)

extractions of
Aloe Vera
Sweet Orange
Valerian Root
Purification Salts


music listened to during this creation:

"Gold", Glen Hansard

"Compass", Zella Day

"Be here Now", Ray LaMontagne

"Vessel", Dan Mangan

"Cranekiss", Tamryn


Dandelion Root, a plant of Jupiter that Rides on the Air January 15 2015

Happy Thursday, Thor's Day... yes that's right I said Thor's Day. Also known as Thunor, in Norse mythology, the god of Sky and Thunder. Closely identifying to the Roman God Jupiter, also the god of Sky and Thunder. In Japanese the word Jupiter, Mokuyōbi, translates to "wood star". Wood being strong, and deeply rooted.

Herbs have a way of translating their energy, their essential being into their physical forms.
 For example the dandelion.

So I know you are familiar with them as what you currently think are pesky, annoying, ugly, WEEDS...

The memories I have as a child of picking those glorious fuzzy flowers and blowing!!! Whether it be to make a wish or just to lay back and watch the feather light seeds dance on the wind...
and then, out of nowhere someone getting peeved and telling me, “no, you cannot do that, you’re spreading weeds!” When all along I thought I was spreading wishes.

 Well, I can tell you now I am proud of my dandelion spreading days. They have become a beloved gift in my herb cabinet. You can make the root or leaf into a glorious tea, a bold tincture, or even a wine or beer! Heck, why not try making some delightful dandelion bitters or a dandelion greens pesto while you're at it! So yummy

Taraxacum officinale
Piss-a-Bed, Blowball, Cankerwort, Common Dandelion, Dandelion Herb, Lion’s Tooth, Pissenlit, Priest’s Crown, Swine Snout, White Endive, Wild Endive.

Their very design shows the integrity of their energetic magic!

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, making Thursday, often a wonderful day to consume a delicious, wood-resembling, dandelion root brew.
The ruling element is Air, which I find curious and all the more wonderful. I so badly want to run through a field of dandelion puff balls and watch as they disperse into the air… traveling a distance until they are caught and root and become another lovely yellow puff bearing medicinal flowers, leaves of green, and bitter woody roots full of wonder and power! And the occasional fuzzy seed pod to spread more wishes!

There is mythology and folklore surrounding this nutrient rich plant. Some believe the number of blows it takes to set all the seeds to flight tells you what time of day it is. Others believe that brewing a strong roasted dandelion tea helps to promote psychic powers, and strengthen divination tools.

Modern herbalists, like myself, recommend taking a strong tea of dandelion root to help with a number of ailments.

Helpful for digestion due to their bitter taraxacins, liver de-toxification, helps increase urination (which also will lower blood pressure), works to fight off microbes and fungus, full of antioxidants which help to slow the aging process by preventing free- radical damage to cells, due to the high amounts of natural mucilage dandelion is also helpful for regulating bile production, helping to treat a buildup (Bronchitis) or lack thereof (Constipation). Dandelion also contains essential fatty acids that help to relieve pain and swelling by helping to decrease inflammation.

 What is not to love about this fantastically bold, thunderous, applause worthy plant? In a word… nothing! So go brew!

You can find it here on our website!

Or at the Mar Vista Farmers Market Sunday 9am-2pm

Be well and drink tea,

P.S.... don't get caught. March 21 2013

One herb for each thief... 7 Wandering Thieves.

Purpose: to survive and rob the dead or dying. (P.S.... don't get caught)

A few months ago I began looking into the stories behind the thieves blend. Someone I love was told they might benefit if they would begin use of the herbs affiliated to this name THIEVES. Upon researching, it's like any legend. There are numerous story lines sharing recipes and insights into the lives of those who robbed the less fortunate and survived doing it, during the 15th century plague. It becomes nearly impossible to find THE recipe or THE truth. So I am going to take a bit of advice and make the recipe I WANT TO MAKE, in turn IMPROVING IT AND MAKING IT BETTER! Using "original" ingredients such as clove, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus as well as a few of my own ideas I plan to create a small line of Thieves 'inspired' products.

Based on this curious tale of survival I have already begun working out recipes for a soap, a salve ointment, an oil slather, and a two-in-one body mask and bath soak experience.

I find this story fascinating and disturbing. With cold and flu season whipping in and out, I think we're all in desperate need of a little anti-fungal action!


Our VERY OWN version of the legendary thieves blend. Its origins date back to the time of the black plague, during the mid- fourteenth century.

Our version of the story goes....
Once upon a time, there was a time when days were ominous and numbered and people began to scare easily. A darkness had come in a manner of pain, sickness, and eventually death. There was a hunt that began for a cure, but also a hunt for those who took advantage of the near dead, or dying. People were desperate, trying to survive... sometimes at any cost. Others were cunning and used their learned knowledge to continue to live.
A group of nomads had been trading and importing wondrous-- exotic herbs for years. They were known for their ingenious combinations of culinary flavors and amateur botanical apothecary skills. Upon seeing the beginning of this devastation, this traveling band of merchants began creating what would later be known as "The 7 Wandering Thieves". How exactly the initial recipe was conceived and its application remains a mystery, but its performance began a myth. They were able to survive, even thrive. The use of this "tonic" allowed them to steal from from the dead or the dying, but... only ever just enough to continue a healthy survival. There is even conspiracy that states that when finally caught, the king offered a full pardon to these "thieves" in exchange for the exact recipe that saved their lives from torment of the epidemic.

When we began developing this product we found a number of stories to create our "thieves tale" and inspired skincare products. Both my partner and I have a number of years experience with alchemical plant extracts and decided to mold the two into one. This bar is a culmination of botanical knowledge and planetary alchemy. In some stories the recipe is a 4 thieves, or a 5 thieves. We have chosen 7. Its a beautiful number in mysticism and luck. One that will catch your eye and cause a sensation! Enjoy this lovely bar, it's full of magic, myth, planetary guidance and inspiration.

P.S. After doing some digging it seems there are records that indicate there IS a "legendary" recipe located in the library of the royal family of England. We'll never know if this is the original "Thieves Oil" but it sure has created a popular demand for anti fungal and antibacterial control! Due to the nature of travel and what would have been easily available it's likely this original tonic was most likely a drinking vinegar base or an oil slather.

*These statements should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about the use of this product. Statements have not been FDA approved 

The First Year February 13 2013

We are very excited to announce the first anniversary of Fruits to the Roots! Hazah!

One year ago today, I received a very special gift from someone very dear to my heart. For Valentines day, my sweetheart gave me a URL, I had been trying to wrap my head around the idea of a soap business, but that was the necessary push to get the creativity flowing. We believed the name Fruits to the Roots could relay some exceptional messages. We began integrating the name into the way we developed and brainstormed. Using as much of the whole plant as we could and a lots of herbal love and knowledge, we started to create products for you.

Starting a company was not something I expected, but I can't imagine a better way to have spent the last year. We have had many opportunities to share our growing product line. I am so thankful to those that helped to make those experiences possible. I would also love to share my gratitude with our wonderful and dedicated customers. Your smiling faces and support continue to make it so much fun getting to know you. I am delighted and awed by the responses that you have voiced and hope that the future year will continue to bring forth the same enthusiasm.

Last, but certainly not least, I am super happy to have this beautiful site. I love what I do. I adore creating new products and I look forward to helping design a cohesive, intelligent, adventurous, and helpful Fruits to the Roots website for you to navigate and find products to soothe and invigorate your body, spirit, and soul.

Happy Valentines Day.

Remember to stop and smell the roses,


"To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat."

-Beverley Nichols