P.S.... don't get caught. March 21 2013

One herb for each thief... 7 Wandering Thieves.

Purpose: to survive and rob the dead or dying. (P.S.... don't get caught)

A few months ago I began looking into the stories behind the thieves blend. Someone I love was told they might benefit if they would begin use of the herbs affiliated to this name THIEVES. Upon researching, it's like any legend. There are numerous story lines sharing recipes and insights into the lives of those who robbed the less fortunate and survived doing it, during the 15th century plague. It becomes nearly impossible to find THE recipe or THE truth. So I am going to take a bit of advice and make the recipe I WANT TO MAKE, in turn IMPROVING IT AND MAKING IT BETTER! Using "original" ingredients such as clove, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus as well as a few of my own ideas I plan to create a small line of Thieves 'inspired' products.

Based on this curious tale of survival I have already begun working out recipes for a soap, a salve ointment, an oil slather, and a two-in-one body mask and bath soak experience.

I find this story fascinating and disturbing. With cold and flu season whipping in and out, I think we're all in desperate need of a little anti-fungal action!


Our VERY OWN version of the legendary thieves blend. Its origins date back to the time of the black plague, during the mid- fourteenth century.

Our version of the story goes....
Once upon a time, there was a time when days were ominous and numbered and people began to scare easily. A darkness had come in a manner of pain, sickness, and eventually death. There was a hunt that began for a cure, but also a hunt for those who took advantage of the near dead, or dying. People were desperate, trying to survive... sometimes at any cost. Others were cunning and used their learned knowledge to continue to live.
A group of nomads had been trading and importing wondrous-- exotic herbs for years. They were known for their ingenious combinations of culinary flavors and amateur botanical apothecary skills. Upon seeing the beginning of this devastation, this traveling band of merchants began creating what would later be known as "The 7 Wandering Thieves". How exactly the initial recipe was conceived and its application remains a mystery, but its performance began a myth. They were able to survive, even thrive. The use of this "tonic" allowed them to steal from from the dead or the dying, but... only ever just enough to continue a healthy survival. There is even conspiracy that states that when finally caught, the king offered a full pardon to these "thieves" in exchange for the exact recipe that saved their lives from torment of the epidemic.

When we began developing this product we found a number of stories to create our "thieves tale" and inspired skincare products. Both my partner and I have a number of years experience with alchemical plant extracts and decided to mold the two into one. This bar is a culmination of botanical knowledge and planetary alchemy. In some stories the recipe is a 4 thieves, or a 5 thieves. We have chosen 7. Its a beautiful number in mysticism and luck. One that will catch your eye and cause a sensation! Enjoy this lovely bar, it's full of magic, myth, planetary guidance and inspiration.

P.S. After doing some digging it seems there are records that indicate there IS a "legendary" recipe located in the library of the royal family of England. We'll never know if this is the original "Thieves Oil" but it sure has created a popular demand for anti fungal and antibacterial control! Due to the nature of travel and what would have been easily available it's likely this original tonic was most likely a drinking vinegar base or an oil slather.

*These statements should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about the use of this product. Statements have not been FDA approved