From Skincare to Sustainability: Creative Ways to Re-use Your Empty Bottles

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In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, finding ways to reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint has never been more crucial. As lovers of skincare and advocates for the planet, we're constantly searching for ways to make a positive impact. One simple yet impactful way we've found to do this is by re-using our skincare bottles in creative and eco-friendly ways. Join us as we explore the journey of recycling and re-purposing our empty bottles, turning them from waste into wonderful solutions that benefit both our skin and the environment.

Let's explore some creative ways you can re-use our empty and clean bottles. Make sure once your product is gone to SOAK them in a warm water and white vinegar solution, then run the glass through the dishwasher to clean them up well.

  1. Hand Sanitizer: This is PERFECT for re-using any of our ENERGETIC MIST or TONER bottles! Once you have enjoyed the product and it is empty, do not rinse or wash the bottle out- combine either 2parts grain alcohol (from liquor store) and one part distilled water, OR fill your bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol (from drug store). Put that spray top back on, and Voilà! Hand sanitizer. Because the bottle contains trace amount of essential oils you will still have a slight smell in the mix. To use SHAKE and spray! A super simple friendly re-useable option for on the go use. You can even refill the bottle several times prior to the aroma from the essential oils being completely gone.

  2. Travel Containers: While we don't want to guarantee long-term storage of your products in a second use bottle, re-using clean and dry FTTR bottles to store small amounts of skincare products during trips or vacations seems like a no brainer!

  3. Small Item Storage Solutions: Using empty bottles to store small items like bobby pins, cotton swabs, or essential oils.

  4. Gift Containers: Repurposing empty bottles as unique gift containers for homemade gifts or small trinkets.

  5. Plant Propagation: Enjoy re-using empty bottles as plant propagation vessels for growing small cuttings or succulents. For small cuttings : simply add water to the bottle and pop your fresh cutting in! Make sure to keep the water topped off and pay attention to when you get a good root start, then transfer to fresh pot with rich soil. For succulents, most of these will start easily in dirt! So keep your empty jars for a nice little succulent starter pot. Add a few pebbles at the bottom to keep roots out of water, top with a little dirt, pop your succulent in and finish with a fresh bit of dirt to keep it stable. Water once a month and see how it grows. Transfer to a larger pot once roots establish or the plant outgrows its jar.

  6. Craft Projects: various craft projects, such as painting or decorating them to create personalized home decor items. I have done this for little individual flower vases and they look so cute lined up together on a shelf!

  7. Organizational Tools: Use empty bottles as organizers for small items such as beads, buttons, or screws.

  8. Art Supplies: Store paint, glue, or small brushes in empty bottles for easy access and organization.

  9. Kitchen Storage: Repurpose bottles to store cooking ingredients like herbs, spices, or homemade salad dressings.

  10. Household Cleaning Solutions: Mix and store homemade cleaning solutions in bottles for use around the house. This is especially good for our 4 oz bottles with a pump top.

  11. Emergency Kits: Create mini emergency kits by filling bottles with items like matches, first aid supplies, or sewing kits. While our smallest bottles can be used for matches, our jars may be the perfect little sewing or first aid kit.

  12. Tea Light holders: our 2oz jars are the perfect little tea light holders for decorative purposes.

  13. Office Supplies: Store small office supplies like paper clips, rubber bands, or push pins in bottles to keep them organized.

*You may have noticed that you can now "ADD screw tops" at checkout with a single click of the button. This is to give you an additional top option for re-use after your bottle is empty on our 1oz and 2oz bottles. For the 4oz bottles and all our jars simply clean and re-use these.

As we conclude our exploration into re-using skincare bottles, we're reminded of the power we hold as individuals to make a difference. By choosing to re-purpose our empty bottles instead of tossing them into the trash, we're not only reducing waste but also taking a stand for a more sustainable future. Whether it's turning them into organizers, travel containers, or DIY projects, the possibilities are endless. So let's continue to embrace creativity, innovation, and environmental stewardship as we strive to make the world a cleaner, greener, and more beautiful place—one skincare bottle at a time.

Have a re-use project you want to share? Please send us an email or share below in the comments!

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