AWEN, nourishing concentrate


This 'concentrate', or balm, is packed with oils and butters chosen to help protect the skin and re-build the moisture barrier, creating a harmony between graceful aging & proper hydration. With nourishing botanicals to enrich healing, reduce negative bacterias & stimulate lymphatic drainage. All that magick- while being silky smooth and easily absorbed!?? We really couldn't be any more excited to share this lore-inspired concentrate with you.

Invite your skin to AWAKEN to its natural GLOW




for Face:
Melt a tiny amount, smaller than a pea, into clean, fresh, fully wet & toned skin - letting the potion caress every contour to full absorption

Our "concentrate" has zero water content, however it is designed to "mimic" a lotion or cream. The importance of FULLY WET / toned skin is a necessary step, as this is the 'water' that emulsifies the oils and waxes in the concentrate, helping it absorb nicely and create the perfect protective moisture barrier. Once absorbed - go ahead and apply an extra misting to lock in all that glorious moisture!

for Extended 'Treatment':
At night, melt a pea sized dollop into freshly cleaned skin, spritz with a toner/mist to lock in moisture and find sweet dreams.

for Body:
You can also use this super concentrate at full strength on scrapes, cuts, bruises, sunburns or patchy dry skin spots to help accelerate healing. Simply use clean hands and apply to the area. Repeat as necessary.


Apricot Oil
- High in Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory, helps skin contain moisture. Studies have shown to benefit overall skin health and reduce chance of skin cancer.

Baobab oil - indigenous to Africa, living upto 6000 years, this tree has been akin to the "Tree of Life". Containing high amounts of vitamins A, D, E this oil will absorb easily and abundantly into the deeper layers of the skin providing softening, regenerative and tonify-ing qualities to the skin!

Algal Oil - more than 40% DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid that improves skin barrier function, sealing in moisture which will help fight red, dry, or itchy skin caused by skin disorders like, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Camellia Oil - you may know this as the "TEA" plant! Providing ample amounts of vitamin A, B, E & natural Squalane, this wonder oil has been a part of skincare rituals for centuries. Improving overall skin health, this oil absorbs easily and readily into the skin. 

Pomegranate oil - known to help rehab thinning skin, we use just enough of this oil to give moisture decadence and inflammatory relief to this concentrate, while also maintaining the easily absorbed feel.

Cocoa Butter - to reduce scarring, soothe and soften skin

Marshmallow Root- 'natures hyaluronic acid' helping with moisture retention and calming inflammation

Usnea & Horsetail- helping to heal and nourish skin

Saffron- to improve skin pigmentation, reduce skin impurities and soothe the healing process



the LORE

Awen, coming from Annwn - the Brythonic Otherworld, a hidden 'other place' magically paralleling our known world- possibly FAERIE? A name inspired by the breath of inspiration, Cerridwen's cauldron of magick & prophecy, the poetic wisdom of Taliesin and ones' liminal journey through time & space.


1.15 oz, glass jar



*apricot oil, *baobab oil, *camellia oil, *pomegranate oil, *cocoa butter, algal oil, avocado oil, carrot oil, ~usnea, *marshmallow, *saffron, *ginkgo, *calendula, *mugwort, *horsetail, ~violet, *damiana, *angelica, *beeswax, *grapefruit, *lavender, *rosemary, *frankincense, vit e, *vetiver & *immortelle



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