Goodbye YellowBrick Road


Sometimes in order to find oneself, we leave home searching for grandeur, glitz, fame, fortune... only to find that we have always had within us the power to feel completely ourselves and at ease in that wonder of BEING all along. 

Release from limitations and feelings of ‘need’ inspire empowered self realization seek knowing abundance from within.


Botanical Allies

'Oriental' Poppy blossom - stabilizing the fire and fueling self discovery

Willow blossom - allowing flexibility & ease in navigating all pathways

Narcissus blossom - for SUNlight to guid the way

Agave (tequila) Spirits - for celebration and longevity

Ruby in the bottle is a LIMITED RELEASE once they are gone, they are gone!
Nested within each bottle you will find an ethically sourced clear 'cut' 5mm RUBY gemstone. Make sure to save it! Or have it turned into something special when your elixir has served its purpose. 


This elixir is a blend based on one of Lauren's beloved childhood classics, L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," as well as a song by one of her all time favorite artists, "Goodbye Yellowbrick Road" by Elton John. 


0.5oz | glass bottle with dropper

full ingredient list : essence of papaver rhoeas, salix x matsudana x alba, narcissus, spring water and less than 20% ABV (tequila)

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