Mars in Love, salty bath

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You are Desire, Instinct & Pleasure.

Containing a fiery combination of botanicals- this salty bath is full and intoxicating. Feel the excitement build on your skin, stir in your soul and enliven your passions.

4.45oz | 131ml | glass jar with glass vial of essential oil included seperate


How to

SET YOUR INTENTION and pour up to a full bottle into your bath and enjoy.
Comes with cotton bag for optional use to contain loose botanicals- yet still see and feel the full benefits of your bath brew.



dead sea salts, hawaiian red algae salts, *calendula petals, *rose petals, *cedar tips, himalayan pink salts, sodium bicarbonate, spagyrics of *frankincense, *myrrh, gold, *ashwagandha, & *oatstraw, with magnesium aluminum silicate, *black tea, *bergamot oil, INTENSITY & LOVE

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