Mugwort Smudge


These are directly from wild blooming mugwort that grew in our Garden!

Harvested and hand wrapped by me with lots of love while the birds chirped away curiously.

Mugwort has been a cherished plant for centuries, not only for its strong medicinal properties, but for its euphoric smoke as a ritual incense for its “opening” properties. It is one of my personal favorite plant friends and is found in many of our skin care creations.

choose from : one large smudge bundle (about 6 inches long) or one mini smudge bundles (about 3 inches long)


Does NOT include the smudging tray from photo
*statements are not approved by FDA


How to

Set your intentions for smudging, whether it be :

- to help with clearing negative energy
-opening up meridian pathways in the body, to release or help heal
-inducing higher dreamwork
-enabling work within the akashic field
-inspiring a deep dive into astral body work

I like to suggest lighting these with a candle flame vs a lighter or match. It is a much more serene way of kindling. 

Once your mugwort is lit- gently waft it to put the intense flame out, then use your hand to 'wind the smoke' through the desired smudging area or around your body.

To extinguish your smudge GENTLY push it into the earth or an ash collection vessel until the spark and smoke have stopped. Store your bundle somewhere it can stay dry between uses. 



crafted with pure wild grown artemisia vulgaris & hemp cord

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