Love & Mercy, tincture


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With amorous and heart-opening botanicals, think of it as if you're giving your heart a hug! This little bottle full of love is sure to put an extra pep in your step, make you feel giddy, maybe even a bit sexy.

-ignite loving communication & stimulation
-inspire your creative flame
-balance mood & alleviate stress 


crafted with organic & wild harvested ingredients

rose, passion flower, damiana, siberian ginseng,
reishi mushroom, tulsi, kava kava, rosemary, ginkgo,
cinnamon, vanilla &  hibiscus with rose quartz essence

base: organic biodynamic grape alcohol, bourbon & distilled water


suggested use:

10-15 drops or One dropper sublingually, or  in water, tea or juice. Enjoy 2-3 times daily


please enjoy responsibly!

1oz        40% ABV
attention : not intended to treat or cure; seek
medical counsel before  using with medications,
and especially while nursing / pregnant


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