Meditate Me, tincture


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Elixir to help invite relaxation, reduce pain & anxiety ...

Chill with this soothing blend of botanicals, letting them shift and make space for relief and spiritual growth.

soothe muscle pain & stiffness
relieve stress & anxiety
balance & smooth breathing patterns


How to use :

shake well : use 10-15 drops , or upto one dropper
sublingually, or dilute into water, juice, or tea


Organic & Wildharvested

crafted with : siberian ginseng, damiana, hops, kava kava, holy basil, white willow bark & wild lettuce
base: organic biodynamic grape alcohol & distilled water


1oz        40% ABV
attention : not intended to treat or cure; seek
medical counsel before  using with medications,
and especially while nursing / pregnant

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