May Day Flowers

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Limited Availability- A few of your favorite things all in one bundle!

Includes :

Everlasting face cream- Our Best Selling product to date! A decadent moisturizer for the face with empowering prickly pear, nourishing rose and aloe, travel sized 0.55oz in glass jar

Playful Grey black tea with bergamot and joyful botanicals - Enliven your tea time with this delicious brew, 1oz loose leaf in tea tin

Bright Arrow face and body soap- Inspiring fearlessness, inviting comfort and hydration to the skin, 3oz bar

Emerald lip balm- No beauty ritual is the same without keeping your lips soothed and cared for- contains honey and beeswax, regular size

Flow / Mercury energetic body mist- Bring balance, relaxation and stress relief to every moment, travel sized 1oz in glass 


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