Passion Balm, beauty balm


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Decadent moisture in all its glory. Absobent. Pure and Indulgent.

This balm is lovely for every BIT of you! Inspiring circulation, anxiety relief, wonder, passion and vitality.

We suggest it to be used as a moisturizer for dull or dry skin as well as a personal lubricant.

YES, you know what we mean. ENJOY this natural alternative to nasty, foul products on the market. You, or you and your partner deserve a clean and fun loving lubricant. No need to thank us, just relax and enjoy!

Star Ingredients

Cocoa Butter- to get that hydrated slip that makes everyone enjoy themselves

Damiana & Rose - to soothe and caress those sexy feelings while also supporting supple nourished skin

Yohimbe - inspiring blood flow and circulation

Immortelle Flower - rejuvenating for even the most delicate areas

*oil based-not to be used with a condom


2.35 oz
Organic & Wild Harvested

crafted with  : 

cocoa butter, coconut and olive oils, beeswax, ashwagandha, clove, damiana, fairy wings, pearl, catuaba, kava kava, rose, muira puama, spearmint, yohimbe, and vitamin e

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