Verdant Water, lavender face toner


A skin healing Lavender water, created to improve complexion, help eliminate black heads and dark circles. This water not only gives a tightening effect, but will improve overall collagen production as well as circulation and elimination of toxins.

This is the toner water of choice for balancing and nurturing mature and / or acne prone skin types.

Star Ingredients :

Matcha Green Tea, to improve overall skin health and release dirt buildup and give a tight feel to the skin.

Lavender, to reduce breakouts and unwanted bacteria as well as soothe any irritation and calm

Blue Algae, packed with antioxidants providing protection from daily elements, while softening

Marshmallow Root, this incredibly soothing plant helps the skin to retain moisture and provide a youthful glow to the skin. You can think of it like nature's hyaluronic acid- plumping up that gorgeous skin!


crafted with SATURN & EARTH influenced botanicals
organic, natural &/or wildharvested : lavender, green tea, myrrh, siberian ginseng, blue algae, comfrey leaf, horsetail, melissa, marshmallow root, helichrysum, meadowsweet, lemon, nettle, spikenard, violet leaf, violet flower, witch hazel & radish root ferment

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