No Sneezy, No Wheezy, herbal tisane

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Allergy relief tea has arrived! Delicious and effective :)
This a a tea that finds comfort in your herbal remedy cabinet. Great for all ages whether you have a cold, or are suffering from seasonal allergies... boo!

We love to use this for everything from drying out mucous in the throat, nose, and chest.. to helping itchy eyes, nose, and throat. We find it to be great for clarifying the lungs, and opening up the breathing passages, as well as boosting your immune system. Even a bit of extra Vitamin C.

Organic & Wild Harvested

crafted with : tulsi, rose hips, yerba santa, nettle leaf, mullein, calendula, melissa, eyebright & red clover

*Enjoy responsibly. Not intended to treat or cure. Seek medical counsel before using herbal supplements, especially while nursing / pregnant or on medication. Made with equipment that processes legumes, nuts, seeds
Statements have not been FDA approved.

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