Love Potion, botanicals


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Treat yourself and a loved one to this indulgent cup of tea. Feel your heart open, your spirit rise and smile. This is a lovely tea to help stimulate passion, remove fear and instill love in all of your life. Made with amorous herbs.

Balance blended to help support:

body awareness and stimulation
brain health
high in iron to strengthen blood
focusing for the heart
boost you sex life
wonderful heart opener to share with loved ones for deepening connection
not recommended for those with an estrogen imbalance


Organic & Wild Harvested

crafted with : white tea, vanilla, cacao, reishi mushroom, damiana, rose, maca root, ashwagandha and spices.


*Enjoy responsibly. Not intended to treat or cure. Seek medical counsel before using herbal supplements, especially while nursing / pregnant or on medication. Made with equipment that processes legumes, nuts, seeds
Statements have not been FDA approved.

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