Morning Dew, facial cleanser


MORNING DEW, facial cleanser

A foamy cleanser, recommended for daily use and created with most skin types in mind. This liquid cleanser helps remove dirt and unwanted bacteria, while also stimulating circulation and soothing irritation. Use for that fresh clean feel! Pairs well with our Rose Water and Moonserum for an indulgent morning ritual.


in glass with lotion pump
sample size = about 3 uses in glass

crafted with :

*rose water, *aloe vera, soaponified *coconut, sunflower and * castor oils, citric acid, *witch hazel, *glycerin, *guar gum, *lemongrass, *geranium rose, *palmarosa, *tea tree, *bergamot, *patchouli, radish root ferment & rosemary extract

all ingredients natural, *organic & or wild harvested

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