Medicinal Tea Blending & Plant Spirit Workshop, On Demand


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Designed to unlock the wisdom and magick of Plant Spirit Medicine. Offering awareness and basic understanding of medicinal plants, exercises to help you remember how to access intuition and sensual awakenings, as well as a comprehensive guide of the select medicinal plants for your e-book shelf.

A Self Paced & Plant Spirit Guided EXPERIENCE

This is a self study workflow, that combines our pre- recorded Medicinal Tea Blending and Plant Spirit Wisdom Experiences, giving you ON DEMAND access to a beginners understanding of Medicinal Tea Blending and the Beginning Whispers of Plant Spirit Wisdom.


This Offering Includes:

-Medicinal Tea Blending Beginners Companion Kit
10 ORGANIC medicinal plants :
ginger root, chaga mushroom, chamomile, nettle leaf, holy basil, hibiscus, melissa, dandelion root, rose, and camellia sinensis
(approximately ½ ounce, up to 1 ounce of each botanical listed - enough to get you started in your herbal discoveries)

-One Storage Canister to store your favorite blend in

-10 single use compostable tea bags to brew up your creations

-PDF Booklet, for download, with suggested list of other materials, thoughtful exercises, medicinal plant information and a few tea blending recipes to try out (proprietary e-book emailed)

-Access to pre-recorded Beginners Medicinal Tea Blending Workshop (*private link emailed)

-Access to pre-recorded Plant Spirit Wisdom Experience
(*private link emailed)


*pre-recorded workshops will be available for up to 6 months after purchase to allow for self-paced understanding and revisiting of each presentation.

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