Sound Bath & Ritual Alchemy


We all need a moment to be still, calm ourselves and release, I have curated these offerings to help inspire ease & pleasure in the spaces of reflection and to inspire self transformation. This ritual alchemy bundle features sensorial reminders of how to set daily intention, invoke change and soothe your BEAUTIFUL unique nature.

Current offering : AUTUMN
May th
e AUTUMN winds of change support you, in moments of presence, pleasure and reflection...


Autumn bundle : Sound Bath & Ritual Alchemy includes :

FLIGHT, a SOUND BATH experience
"What to expect" - enjoy approx. 20 minutes of vibrational sound therapy, that interweaves 
birdsong, crystal and brass singing bowls, as well as a mini meditation

STRENGTH, bath/foot soak, with a blend of moroccan red, volcanic ash (bentonite), rose and white clays, coconut milk, sea salts, witch hazel leaf, comfrey leaf and baking soda - about one bath or two foot soaks worth : 6oz

GROUNDED, saturn-aroma energy mist, earthy, woody notes to keep you connected and grounded while exploring the ethereal nature of being : 2oz bottle with small quartz crystal inside

WARRIOR QUEEN, cold process soap, imbued with resins, citrus, gentle coconut and GOLD LEAF : approximately 3oz


Lauren has been working with singing bowls for the last few years, slowly integrating them into the Fruits to the Roots culture and now offerings. This will be a pre-recorded experience from our home studio and garden. You will be emailed a link to the digital sound bath, to stream at your leisure. While this can be played directly through your phone, tablet or computer, we suggest setting up somewhere super comfortable and using headphones for a more immersive experience. The link for the sound bath will be emailed to you when your Autumnal ritual alchemy bundle ships.

We hope you fall in love with this Ritual inspired quarterly offering.



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