Spot Check, blemish treatment


As often as one might daydream about unicorns, we don't want to be one- instead, battle the little bugger with our newest SPOT TREATMENT... 'Spot Check' to reduce and soothe that pimple and heal up the skin! Wooohoo!!!! Works like a charm and is formulated to reduce that breakout without added irritation.


 Application :

Squeeze the applicator to apply a small amount to a cotton swab or clean finger, dab onto the blemished area as needed. Suggested for nighttime use.


In glass with glass dropper applicator


In glass with pump applicator (4x the size)

crafted with :  aloe vera, activated charcoal, bentonite  clay, tea tree,  clary sage, juniper berry, lemongrass, benzoin, white willow bark, hop flower and witch hazel extract,  with radish root ferment

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