WILD | SPRING, hydrosol


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Step into our blossoming Spring garden at FTR

Experience the depth of early spring flowers, the structured renewal of lichen and mullein leaves, followed by cooling moon-soaked dew and a touch of lightning, claiming the early morning colors of the dawn and inspiring the winds of change.


Aromatic Profile : cool florals, sweet tea, and just a hint of wet earth

This Hydrosol blend will invite sensual discovery, vibrance and renewal- helping to bring balance to the skin as it transforms from sleepy winter skin, to a sweet gently blooming flower of early spring. Excite & Invite the WINDS OF CHANGE. Many of these botanicals have been known to improve skin health & healing.


Botanical Allies

forsythia flowers and willow blossoms - to reduce inflammation, help the skin fight bacteria, and reduce breakouts.

narcissusstrong antioxidant qualities strengthen skin and improve its ability to heal as well as produce new skin cells

mullein leaf - to help with overall soothing and skin health

star magnolia, lichen, tulips and grape hyacinth- to encourage a youthful glow


2oz | glass bottle



*These statements should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about the use of this product. Statements have not been FDA approved.


How to

Use daily as you would a facial toner, or spritz skin when you want a touch of comfort and hydration. Can also be used to help 'set' your makeup.



Cultivated with wild crafted and garden grown botanicals
STORM DISTILLED, amongst gusty 55 mile an hour winds, lightning enhanced and charged under the first FULL MOON of Spring

forsythia, willow, narcissus, mullein, star magnolia, lichen, tulips, grape hyacinth, lactobacillus ferment, glycerin & quartz gemstone

This special distillation was embedded with quartz crystals to help encourage strength as these plants vaporize and re-constitute becoming something NEW. 

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