Earth, Alchemy, Ritual, Plant Magick and Medicine

Our Teas and HandCrafted SkinCare  are 100% ORGANIC , Wild Harvested, Sustainable, and blended only in SMALL BATCHES. This helps ensure fresh ingredients, sensual pleasure and MINDFULLY CRAFTED products, upon delivery, every time. Always freshly curated just for you!
Not only have we spent years building relationships with trusted suppliers and growers, we are dedicated to providing only the best quality to our customers. We don’t just blend and create a product for functionality or flavor. Our methods consist of creating an experience for you and your Customer. We want our products to share a story, and bring to your enjoyment intimacy and ritual, so that from the moment you see or smell the botanicals, you delight in the qualit and feel the benefits of our thoughtfully crafted blends. Our mission is to see that you are always surprised and delighted! Through our commitments we hope to create awareness within the greater community about the difference that great botanicals and intentionally crafted products can make.  We hope you will agree that Fruits to the Roots not only represents an idea of a holographic experience and product, but truly inspires a delicious, thoughtful connection.
HANDMADE, ALL- NATURAL inspired by the Earth, the alchemy of nature, and the wonders of ritual healing, plant magick and medicine.
We only use the finest HERBS and BOTANICALS to ensure that all the WISDOM of the plant world is transferred to you.
We hope to HONOR, and continue evolving our knowledge of each ingredient so that we can reinforce a sense of RESPECT for all plants and herbs. Created for you with passion and love.
Be Well and Be Light.

With Gratitude,
Co-Creator, Fruits to the Roots