Dear Wonder Sister,

We would be absolutely delighted if you’d join us in Wondermaking this fall.

Part of our desire with this offering is to join together in the joy of handcrafting beautiful gifts ahead of the holiday season so we can more fully enjoy the holidays when they arrive.

We’ll be sharing how to make Enchantment Journals, Wonder Boxes, Golden Elixirs, Stories Crafted with Tea, and other delights.

But Wondermaking is much more than just learning how to make some goodies and checking gifts off your holiday list early.

The true magic of Wondermaking lies in how we go about making those gifts to nourish our own spirits in the creative process.

It’s about weaving in rich meaning, sparkling wonder, relaxing flow, and beautiful energy into what we create with our heart and hands.

That’s why we’ve crafted Wondermaking as an enchanting experience for you rather than a typical “how-to class.”

In Wondermaking, we weave in delicious self-care, simple rituals, a love of nature, creative inspiration, and ways to imbue each gift you make with personal meaning for the intended recipient (yourself or someone else).

Let’s create some wonder and slow magic together, shall we? We would love to have you join us.

Yours in enchantment,

The Wondermakers
Victoria, Betsy, Amy, and Lauren


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Let's make some wonder together, shall we?