Artisan, Leaf Cast Tea Bag Rest


A wonderful addition to every tea party! These whimsical Tea Bag rests will enchant and add sweetness to any tea time.

These are hand crafted in the Northern Mojave Desert by a local artisan JUST FOR US!!! We ran across her work years ago and are so happy to now have her join the Fruits to the Roots team as an in house artisan. She hand crafts each one utilizing actual plant foliage for the leaf casting :) How WONDERFUL is that!? If you love these little babies, check out her incredible soap dishes too!

As each one is made with an INDIVIDUAL LEAF and cast by hand there may be slight differences in your item, if comparing to sample image.

-includes one dish and one organic cotton tea bag

crafted using food safe practices and sealant.
made by hand with love for plants and healthy people <3

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