Custom Blended Tea Service


This is a unique experience that we offer at the Farmers Market, we have decided to extend as an option to our online customers as well. It's a service designed specifically around you, whether you want a delicious beverage to enjoy or a tea/tisane that not only tastes good but that aims to enhance your daily life. We are offering years of herbal knowledge for a fraction the cost that most are herb workers will charge.


What it includes:


~Either a 5 minute Skype, Zoom, or iChat session, or choose an email interaction. You will meet with Lauren and discuss what your interests are and she will create your blend using guided intentions, sigils/mandalas, and her more than 10 years of plant medicine study and work to create a balancing tea blend just for you.


In these few minutes we will talk with you to understand who the supplemental tea is for, what it is you are looking for in a tea, and any questions or concerns can also be addressed. It is the customers responsibility to make us aware of any allergies or sensitivities at this time.


~1 oz of tea that is specially blended for you, depending on your blend it will be between 15 and 30 cups of tea that you receive. For most people this is about a 1-2 week supply of tea.


~Complete description of how we suggest brewing your tea.
Brew temp, amount per cup, times per day to enjoy your beverage etc.


~Confirmation email of details discussed as well as your tea ingredient list.


~Future orders of the same tea, with no ingredient changes, will be only be $11.00 per oz , with your personalized discount code at checkout. (You only pay for the communication service once for this blend. Repeat customers for custom blends will be offered a discount code for future services as well)


~An understanding of privacy, see disclosure agreement at the bottom of the page



How it works... It's simple :)


Purchase this service, we will be sent an email with your request and we'll get back to you within 48 hours of your purchase. Once we talk we'll confirm and ship out your order to you. Once you're ready for more, just let us know and we'll send you a code to buy more without paying for the service again. If you're getting the same blend again, you will only be responsible for the cost of the tea $9.99/oz (and shipping at checkout).


Disclosure Agreement upon purchasing this service

By confirming your purchase of this service you are agreeing with the following statements, in full:

Once we have made the initial contact regarding this service, it is up to you the consumer, to fulfill communication to arrange your desired time slot and answer the questionnaire. You have up to 90 days to answer/ arrange your call with our herbalist. If you do not fulfill these terms in full, the contract of service will then expire on the 91st day. No refunds will be offered. If you have purchased any additional items and have chosen to have them shipped with your herb blends- after the 91st day we will notify you with your tracking information and ship any additional items out.
We are in no way doctors or trying to prescribe these teas or herbs as a means to treat, or cure ailments nor are we recommending them to replace any medication. We will suggest teas or herbs that can help to create a natural balance in the body by being used as a supplement of the existing diet and practices of the purchasing party. We highly suggest that if the purchasing party has a previous condition to discuss herbal supplements with their healthcare practitioner and/or naturopathic doctor. If after using you seem to have any irritation or discomfort, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention. If at any point we feel the purchasing party is in a position to cause harm to themselves or others with the misuse of the recommended product we will cease contact with the intended purchaser and a refund of the original amount paid for this service will be issued. All sales final unless otherwise stated in the above.




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