Custom Elixir

$11.00 $22.00

Elixirs Made to order based on your requested intention or constitutional reading.

Let us know what you'd prefer- a straight up 'tincture' like elixir customized to your intention, possibly integrating the use of flower essences, or you can choose for us to dig a bit deeper into your levels of being and create a customized elixir based on various levels of being. This level integrates not only intentionally crafted wellness tinctures but also a form of plant based alchemy called Spagyrics made up of body, spirit and soul levels of plant being. Wellness is within your grasp!

Both options include email correspondence, Spagyric Based option will be more extensive back and forth contact. All Spagyrics and Tinctures are constructed from bio-dynamic grape alcohol and grain alcohol, plant matter and essences.

1/2 oz or 1 oz options are available

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