Elixir Custom Blend - Service

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Let's create a personalized Elixir blend just for you!

Lauren is a Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist with more that ten years of hands on and bespoke experience working with intuitive and energetic plant medicine and product formulation.

Working with you, she will craft an Elixir to help bring harmony and balance back to your daily wellbeing or whatever you desire. 

How it works is simple :

-Once you purchase this service, you will be sent an email with a few questions 

-The service fee includes your consultation, intake and first elixir offering. Depending on your blend and its application method- it will be enough for up to several weeks of use.  

-Once the service is complete, we will ship out your Elixir offering with a complete description of how we suggest to utilize it within your daily life- including information on the proprietary formula.

-Any additional information will be discussed via email directly with Lauren.
In some cases a 10 minute zoom session may be beneficial to the process, however is not always necessary for completion.

The final offering will vary depending on the  the intake:

-botanical distillates
-flower essences

-Options for a single offering or a subscription are both available.

-In the future, for your blend, should you want refills please contact me! You will not be charged for another service unless we are working on a new blend.

All Spagyrics and Tinctures are constructed from high quality, organic, or bio-dynamic grape alcohol and grain alcohol, plant matter, oils and plant essences.

GIFT GIVING this Service : 
Make sure to note in the comment/notes section of your order your email address to reach you or, if purchasing as a gift, please make sure to put in the comment/notes section the appropriate email address and Full Name of the Individual.
organic & therapeutic quality essential oils recommended for external use only and should be used as described in final presentation to the client.

All sales final, however in the rare cases where Lauren feels she cannot assist in your healing journey- she will extend an immediate refund and forward a notification to you.

See disclosure agreement below.



Disclosure Agreement upon purchasing this service

By confirming your purchase of this service you are agreeing with the following statements, in full:

Once we have made the initial contact regarding this service, it is up to you the consumer, to fulfill communication to arrange your time accordingly and answer any questionnaires or 'quizes'. You have up to 90 days to answer If you do not fulfill these terms in full, the contract of service will then expire on the 91st day. No refunds will be offered. If you have purchased any additional items and have chosen to have them shipped with your herb blends- after the 91st day we will notify you with your tracking information and ship any additional items out.
We are not claiming to be doctors nor are we prescribing these remedies as a means to treat, or cure ailments nor are we recommending them to replace any medication. We will suggest remedies that can help to create a natural balance in the body by being used as a supplement of the existing diet and practices of the purchasing party. We highly suggest that if the purchasing party is pregnant, nursing, on medication or has a previous condition- to discuss herbal supplements with their healthcare practitioner and/or naturopathic doctor. If after using you seem to have any irritation or discomfort to the product, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention. If at any point we feel the purchasing party is in a position to cause harm to themselves or others with the misuse of the recommended product we will cease contact with the intended purchaser and a refund of the original amount paid for this service will be issued. All sales final unless otherwise stated in the above.


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