Garden Flight Sound Bath - On Demand


We all need a moment to be still, calm ourselves and release, I have curated this offering to help inspire ease & pleasure in the spaces of reflection and to inspire self transformation. This ritual is designed as a reminder of how to set daily intention, invoke change and soothe your BEAUTIFUL unique nature.

May th
e winds of change support you, in moments of presence, pleasure and reflection...

FLIGHT, a SOUND BATH experience
"What to expect" - get comfortable somewhere and enjoy 15 minutes of vibrational sound therapy, that interweaves 
birdsong, crystal and brass singing bowls


Lauren has been working with singing bowls for the last few years, slowly integrating them into the Fruits to the Roots culture and offerings. This will be a pre-recorded experience from our home studio and garden. You will be emailed a link to the digital sound bath, to stream at your leisure. While this can be played directly through your phone, tablet or computer, we suggest setting up somewhere super comfortable and using headphones for a more immersive experience. The link for the sound bath will be emailed to you when you within 48 hours of purchase, or if it is purchased as a gift with other ritual items, it will be emailed to your friend or loved one the day their package is set to arrive / be delivered.

 *IF PURCHASING AS A GIFT, make sure to let us know an email address to deliver the sound bath information to along with your gift note in our notes section on the checkout page. THANK YOU!


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