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Immerse yourself in the imagery that inspired our logo here at Fruits to the Roots, a moment captured by Brian, now something you can have in a cherished space.

10.5 x 15.75 photographic print

This image is a reminder to dive into your own mysterious connection to the universe... ever reaching to the divine heavens above, while remaining grounded and empowered by the mystical earth below.


*Infinite Wizardry watermark is not present in the actual piece of art.

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Love Note
Magic isn't something you can necessarily plan for, however we believe every moment in life has the ability to be transformed. This moment was captured on camera by Brian around the year 2009, while we were living in L.A. at about 4 in the morning. Purely the luck of being present with our surroundings and exploring before sunrise, we stumbled upon a grand moment that would forever inspire our beloved FTR tree logo.