Nectar, Botanical Body Oil


This all over body oil is formulated to be anti-inflammatory and hydrating for all over hydration and balance.

Sky is the limit, but we like this used for...

-shower oil : OUR FAVORITE! massage into damp skin at the end of your shower and take a light rinse. PAT yourself dry!

-bath oil : add several generous shakes of this oil directly to your bath water for a luxurious and soothing all over body oil.

-massage / body oil : you know where it hurts, rub into skin with circular movements or just use for its decadent hydrating qualities in place of a lotion!

-makeup remover : add several dollops to your hand and massage into damp or dry skin. Use a warm damp cloth / or cotton swabs to gently remove makeup and residue from the skin.

-hair oil : massage into the ends of your hair and wear a cap or wrap in an old towel for 30 minutes. shampoo and condition as usual. Can also be worn overnight.

-beard oil : massage into that stache or beard daily- all the way down to the skin! helps create luster, skin balance, and healthy hair on your face!




Formulation : grapeseed, sesame, and jojoba oils, calendula, holy basil, Melissa and Rosemary. With added minerals- MSM to help with inflammation, aches and joint pain. 

2oz glass bottle with pump top (great for travel!) or 4oz glass bottle with reducer top to ease the pour and get the most out of your oil!

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