Nourish -- Herbal Tisane

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This tea was crafted in Venus, allowing presence in heart center and calming for emotional relief that may have been stored physically within the body. I wanted to offer a taste that keeps you grounded in femininity while also raising your nutrient dense vibration SKYHIGH.  I have designed this blend for you to feel strength, stamina, and the knowing presence to RELEASE yourself from the past. I hope that you find it to be a balancing and rich blend, offering cleansing protection and emotional growth.

read our blog on this blend and collaboration to see full list of benefits here


Organic & Wild Harvested


crafted with :

holy basil, spearmint, violet leaf and flower, red clover, nettle gigkgo, hawthorn berry & chaga mushroom 

*Enjoy responsibly. Not intended to treat or cure. Seek medical counsel before using herbal supplements, especially while nursing / pregnant or on medication. Made with equipment that processes legumes, nuts, seeds
Statements have not been FDA approved.

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