Plant Wisdom Seekers, botanical self study


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For thousands of years our ancestors have walked the Earth finding spirit within each unique living being. Plant Wisdom Seekers, is a modern take on this "Walk" experienced completely through self guided plant study. While this offering does come designed with a mini booklet I have written brimming with insights, prompts, and exercises to dive into your studies, this is a completely self guided experience through the world of plant medicine that activates the senses through creative exploration and intuitive understanding. Whether you are new to the wold of plant medicine or have created strong plant allies over years of study, we suggest botanicals that offer a unique perspective to conduct your independent plant adventure into their healing energies.

The following botanical study collections are intended to be a jumping off point in your herbal adventure, and will be useful in getting to know your plant allies before you begin fully stocking your in home apothecary.

Each Archetype bundle is designed with between 9-10 different plants to smell, see, play with and enjoy, each pouch contains approximately 0.15 to 0.35oz

(photo shown for artistic display only)


The Archetypes

The Healermust have beginners herbals
Contains all the herbs I think should be in everyone’s apothecary- beginner or not. These herbs are also featured in my Botanical Blending for Beginners class, and Wondermaking Online class (fall 2019)

The Magicianinitiatives for dream activation and enhanced libido
A calming exploration of herbs to activate the dream senses, clear the mind, promote pain relief and improve aphrodisiac impulse and pleasure.

The Alchemist, rare and mystical connections
Our most vigorous and cherished bundle to explore your sacred self, diving deep into your emotional & physical healing through the etheric and esoteric nature of your being. Each botanical is carefully chosen with the design to find guidance within Archetypes in the Tree of Life of the Mystical Qabalah. We have pulled from deep within our stores to share a few rare and difficult to source botanicals within this offering. For this reason, are limiting this collections availability significantly.

The Wandereran unusual exploration of the senses
This unusual grouping resonates in a unique exploration of smell, taste and feel. This collection is by far the most unique collection, and is recommend for the more adventurous seekers. 

The Kitchen Witch, a fresh perspective of hearth lore herbals
This bundle allows for thoughtful re-imagining of a few of our favorite kitchen herbals. There is much magick found within these delicious herbals. 

The Goddessbeautifying and nutritive regeneration
Our offerings wouldn't be complete without this collection of beautifying herbals, creating a moment to learn the power of nutritive rich, soothing and rejuvenating plants. Beauty begins from within.


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