Sound Bath & Tea Ceremony



Open your senses to self reflection, growth and ceremony. A Unique RITUAL offering experienced through weaving vibrational sound, connecting to spirit and enjoying the grounding practice of drinking tea.

SOUND BATH & Tea Ceremony - Quarterly (FEB, MAY, AUG, NOV)

you will receive :

-an emailed link to access the on-demand Sound Bath & Tea Ceremony Ritual, that is approximately 25-35 minutes 
-a shipment with a Tea Blend, enough for a 2 cup tea pot (with a single use drawstring bag). Tea Blends will be labeled with full ingredient list and brewing suggestion. 


you will receive :

-an emailed link to access the on-demand Sound Bath & Tea Ceremony Ritual, that is approximately 25-35 minutes 

Sound Bath will be available for on-demand playback by the 20th of each quarter-month and will be available for re-play while your subscription to this service is active.

Tea Blend will vary depending on the season, theme, intentions etc - featuring an organic or locally crafted botanical blend of leaves, mushrooms, flowers, roots, barks, and fruits. These will typically be herbal blends. Should any caffeine be present it will be labeled clearly in the ingredients highlight on your shipment.

*Ritual Ceremony link will be emailed to the email address used at check out. Your companion tea blend will ship to your address on file at the time of subscription, unless updated by you. You can also notify us with an address change by the 1st of the quarter-month- and please make sure you receive confirmation of the change from us! 
Purchasing this service/experience, we hold no responsibility for the misuse or negative reactions experienced by this service or accompanied tea gift. *This offering has not been tested or approved by the FDA. You should always seek medical council before working with herbal supplements especially when nursing or pregnant.

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