In Person Soundbath, AUGUST - Frederick, MD


We would LOVE to have you join us at our WEEKLY local spot for soundbathing in downtown Frederick, MD.

Soothe your mind, with a calming afternoon of vibrational healing, self exploration & mindfulness.

This intimate offering at Give Rise Studio, is limited to 8 persons offering beneficial personal space and collective connection.


Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating sound bath. Lauren will guide you through a meditative state using crystal and/or brass singing bowls. This experience utilizes frequency, vibration and stillness to create a meditative and relaxing environment–promoting a sense of calm, inspiring mindfulness and peace.

Sound journeys can help enable one to enter a deep, alpha-theta brainwave state. It is in these states where healing is stimulated at the cellular level.
The sound bath will occasionally conclude with a mini tea ceremony to nourish and re-integrate the spirit with the body, for a soothing and 'transformational' experience. 

  • ENDS with a few minutes of optional reflection and gentle aromatherapy.
  • YOGA MAT & Bolsters provided for class, courtesy of Give Rise Studios, however feel free to bring your own, should you prefer. Comfortable- loose clothing suggested.
  • Due to the nature of this meditative event, late attendees will not be admitted, and no refund, or raincheck issued.
  • Should you decide to show up without a reservation, we hold a few spaces and will do our best to accommodate your group!

Give Rise Studio 
125 S Carroll St, Frederick, MD 21701



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