Spirit, flower essence bundle


Flower essences have been an addition to our catalogue since moving to the east coast where seasonally we can work with flowers directly from our garden!

Who doesn't need a touch of emotional support and spiritual guidance. I adore flower essences especially for this reason. Their gentle plant magick has big offerings to share and are so gentle in comparison to most elixirs, making them a wonderful choice for most people.

contains full size : 

Star Magnolia, flower essence - for improved connectivity & alignment
Lilac in Bloom, flower essence - for working with awareness & remembrance
Hellebore Unseen, flower essence - for seeking instinct & intuition


Let me know in the notes if you want it GIFT WRAPPED. If you have a note you would like included- I can write one up too!


*when working with herbal products you should consult your doctor if you are on medication, preparing for surgery, breastfeeding or pregnant. statements are not FDA approved

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