Star Magnolia, flower essence


"You are the the Walker of Stars, Ignite the way.

Reconnect to your sacred self, inspire connectivity of mind- body- spirit, know & expand your levels of being inviting in the power of the stars & the grounded strength of nature."

A Spring Equinox FLOWER MAGICK Creation. Inspire and revel in the guided force of self reflection. This little bottle brings comfort and structure to a pure and intimate connection to source. I also suggest it to help understand healthy boundaries so that you can reconnect and be compassionate, not overcome, by your loved ones and their struggles. A great tool for any EMPATH.


enjoy 7 drops sublingually or in tea as your intuition suggests. 

SMALL BATCH Flower Essence
Star Magnolia blossoms harvested from a family members garden at dusk on the first full moon of spring and energized by moon dew.

infused with full moon light and hope

essence of magnolia stellata, contains alcohol (less than 20% ABV)

0.5oz | 14.7ml - about 400 drops


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