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Feeling the rush of a busy life? Like there is no pause for intention? For presence... THINK AGAIN Beauty. You have in a moment, what can feel like all the time in the world.

The life of an on-the-move Beauty is no joke! No matter the season, where you are in the world, who you are, or what you are up to- it seems a little extra REFRESH thought can really help support a busy life.

Living in L.A. gave me opportunities to think outside the box when it came to how to feel refreshed and also feel like I was gifting myself a bit of tender presence and moments of revival. When life gets a bit faster, you can always feel a moment of easy 'slow down' with a few of my favorite intentional hacks!

- always keep a refillable bottle with you. Infusions don't have to be complex and there is almost always a way to 'spruce up' your water.

  • Did you have an orange or grapefruit for breakfast? Don't throw out your peel, add it to your water bottle to get a bit more mental stimulation and digestive help from that citrusy peel! As you drop it in, imagine a GLOW embracing those water molecules.
  • Do you grow rosemary or lavender by your garden gate? Grab a cluster of leaves rinse with a bit of water from your bottle on the way to your car and immerse them into your bottle for the day. Lavender will help to soothe away worries and ease tension. Rosemary will help bring mental clarity and inspire an uplifted mood. Each time you sip, remember the sweetness of your garden gifting you this gift.
  • Are you planning to enjoy a salad for lunch? Save a piece of cucumber or carrot before it is dressed, and toss it into your bottle. Cucumber helps to cool the body, soothe the mucous membranes and tastes darn right refreshing and Carrot, is packed with nutrients like beta-carotene to help improve skin elastin and brighten up the complexion. As you enjoy your infused water, find a moment to go inwards, listen to as each sip slips through your mouth and down your throat. If you feel up to it, maybe take it a step further, meditating on how each of these 'moon' influenced plant spirits shares deep connection to the cooling energies of the upcoming moon cycle. What do you hope to shift during this month? What intentions can you bring to your Unique Being?



Try this on the go FACE cleansing RITUAL.
Another way to stay refreshed during life's busy days is to keep a travel size bottle of our MYSTIC micellar cleanser and a few clean cotton balls in your bag to give your skin a quick cleanse during those unexpected moments of sweat. The cooling mints, dewy amethyst extract and colloidal silver will give you an instant toned and cooled feel to finish up your day with ease.

When you are smoothing that Mystic drenched cotton across your skin, imagine that with each tender sweep, you are moving the heated energy away and calling in clear thought and prosperity for the rest of your day.


There are so many ways to be present with where you are, what you are doing in life, and choose to feel into intention and flow. I encourage you to find those tiny joys in every day. Trust me, you will begin to FEEL that being 'on-the-move' doesn't have to feel rushed, but embraced and enjoyed. With thoughtful moments of intention, anything is possible!

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