unleash & revel in your


skincare rooted in nature

Explore Graceful Aging

we believe in


cultivated & distilled in partnership
with Nature & Science

every experience is...

Designed with INTENTION,
consciously crafted for daily RITUAL,
& always inspired by your UNIQUE BEAUTY.

every creation is...

Designed with INTELLIGENT ingredients backed by science, & NATURAL botanicals to give your SKIN the GRACE you desire.


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Hello from your FTTR Founders & Formulators

Lauren & Brian

Our mutual love for community and learning has led us to this path filled by botanicals, philosophy, nature, ritual, science and alchemy. We are so proud to be your guides and formulators here at Fruits to the Roots.

It is our deepest wish to inspire intentional exploration and encourage you to revel in your UNIQUE BEAUTY daily.


Creating with INTENTION, by bringing QUALITY control practices in-house, we are able to reduce waste significantly, guarantee freshness & lovingly hand-pack offerings in every order.

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Be the change

Although we are small business, we believe in every action.

With YOUR help, we are able to make contributions to causes that provide support and rehabilitation through Commuity & Earth embracing non-profits.

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We do all we can to ensure our shipping materials, labels and glass packaging not only meets standards for safe packaging but also is applicable for recycling.

Make sure to RINSE & RECYCLE all glass bottles.