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cultivated & distilled in partnership
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Intentionally designed for daily ritual,
And always inspired by your unique beauty.

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Crafted with intelligent ingredients backed by science,
And botanicals to grace your skin with the radiance you desire.


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Hello from your FTTR Founders & Formulators

Lauren & Brian

Our shared passion for community and knowledge has guided us on a journey abundant with botanicals, philosophy, ritual, science, sound meditation and alchemy. As your trusted guides and formulators at Fruits to the Roots, we take great pride in this role. Our greatest aspiration is to ignite intentional exploration and empower you to celebrate your DISTINCTIVE BEAUTY every day.


Crafted with purpose, we've brought quality control practices in-house to infuse intention into every step. This approach not only reduces waste significantly but also guarantees freshness. Each order is
lovingly hand-packed, ensuring that every offering is delivered with care.

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one step at a time

Despite being a small business, we believe in the power of every action.
With YOUR support, we make meaningful contributions to community and environmental non-profits, fostering support and rehabilitation initiatives.

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the RE-USE project

We prioritize recycling and re-use in all our selected materials. All shipping, labels, glass & aluminum packaging are not only designed to meet safety standards but are also recyclable. Remember to rinse and
recycle all empty bottles to support sustainability efforts. Want to re-use?

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