Bright Arrow, soap


New Look! Same goodness!

restorative face & body bar

intentional beauty bar inspired
by the transformative nature
and symbolism of Ceridwen and
the cauldron of knowledge

Star Ingredients :

turmeric- to brighten, reduce inflamed skin and the appearance of breakouts
pineapple- packed with balancing antioxidants to benefit even skin tone and help one to age gracefully
cocoa butter- super hydration for dry skin types as well as beneficial for healing scars from breakouts
citrus- providing an added dose of vitamin c and toning quality


for optimum use & to extend the life of your soap

    - store out of direct water
    - allow bar to dry completely between uses
    - switch between two bars day & night
    - use a soap dish with proper drainage
    - use caution, turmeric may stain

approximately 3oz- listing for one naked bar
crafted with : saponified *olive & *coconut oils, *cocoa butter, pineapple extract, *turmeric, *bergamot, *sweet orange and *patchouli

*organic, natural & wild harvested

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