WILD | AUTUMNAL, hydrosol - EQUINOX 2021 is HERE! - NEW



Distillation in process, will bottle later today and ship TOMORROW

Take a walk through our autumn garden with this limited release 2021, WILD | AUTUMN hydrosol/toner. This year's distillation, has a number of surprising new elements!

Experience exotic & tart fruits, soft florals, the hint of the first cool autumn breeze rustling through the trees, and the warmth of a nourishing herbaceous brew.

aromatic profile :
cool calm florals, green - sweet botanicals, stimulating-citrus mints and a touch of tart ripe fruit fill this bouquet

This hydrosol blend will invite nourishment, circulation, vibrance and joy- helps to restore strength for the skin over the Autumn months & EMPOWER you with joyful relaxation. Many of these botanicals have been known to soften wrinkles & calm inflammation.

'Fall' in love - I dare you to enjoy it throughout the year!


ingredient highlights : 

kousa 'cherries', sumac berries, & wild rose hips (high in vitamin c) - contain antioxidant qualities that help strengthen skin and improve the skin's ability to produce new skin cells, as well as help prevent skin damage from free radicals and stress

zinnia flowers - tonifying for the skin, calming redness, blemishes, irritation & improving the skin's ability to release toxins

wild mugwort - calming for the mind, soothing for dermal irritations, reduces inflammation & improves overall moisture, skin's 'youthfulness' and healing abilities


Cultivated with wild crafted and organically grown botanicals & fruits amongst the birds, trees and mountains.



2oz in glass

the full plant magick list :

kousa dogwood 'cherries', wild rose hip berries, wild mugwort, sumac berries, zinnias, 

mint (piperita, bergamot, hummingbird and catnip mints), red clover, yarrow, echinaceamonarda, french marigold, wormwood, woodland phlox, aciatic lily, self heal, glycerin, lactobacillus ferment & quartz gemstone extract




*note - this product changes yearly to accommodate our garden's freshest botanicals

This special distillation was embedded with quartz crystals to help encourage strength as these plants vaporize and re-constitute becoming something NEW.

We have added a small amount of PLANT BASED GLYCERIN to help the skin fully absorb these incredible nutrients and stay hydrated, as well as a very mild ecocert approved preservative (lactobacillus ferment) to be sure the Hydrosol stays stable throughout your enjoyment.


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