The early threads of Fruits to the Roots began to appear around 2007. Brian and I connected over a deep-felt appreciation for creating and sipping medicinal tea blends, which quickly evolved into varying interests in plant medicine. For myself, this included everything I could learn about plants in natural skincare. 

I fell in love with the deep resonance and reflection I felt when interacting with plants, especially within my skin creations. The personality traits of every oil, plant extract, essential oil and infusion began to emerge and share their wisdom whispers with me. The more time I spent cracking open the door to the plant realm- creating skin potions, the more I began to witness my own blossoming confidence pouring into every corner of my life. Being a person that has become impassioned to help others feel good in their skin, so of course, the new glow and balance that my own being began to radiate created longing to share my new skin rituals!

In 2011, I began sharing some of my early formulas with friends and loved ones that were curious. I was so nervous, but people's response to each piece was so meaningful, it kept me pushing forward. I kept coming up with interesting ways to create cold process soaps and bespoke tea blends, which quickly became the building blocks of our business, and eventually led us to our local farmers market community in Los Angeles. Being a part of that weekly community opened up a deep desire to nurture everybody and every body which ultimately became the origin story for Fruits to the Roots. 

In the last 10 years we have continued gathering skills, studying with healers in the fields of plant medicine, practical and metaphysical alchemy, aromatherapy, skincare formulation and energetic healing. As you can see, our love for healing continues to grow every year. Now that we have a small micro-homestead in Maryland, we are even learning how to grow and work with a number of our own ingredients from seed to bottle! It is the culmination of all of these wonderful skills that makes our skin care rituals so unique. 

I am soo happy to share my plant magick offerings with you. It is my truest wish that no matter who you are, you feel a healthy glow in your skin and that you find wonder in every facet of your unique being. As each offering is co- created with plant spirits, I hope you will discover every bottle is filled with joy, balancing encouragement, and a whisper of magick, so that you can fully immerse yourself, taking time to breathe and find presence in every skin ritual moment.

In spirit with your unique beauty,



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