Between the two of us, we have been working with plants and herbs for more than two decades. What was once a pure longing to help others balance their overall wellbeing and feel confident, lovely and natural in their beauty, bloomed into our business Fruits to the Roots. While our roots were cultivated in Los Angeles farmers market scene, we now fruitfully reside and create from the Catoctin Mountain region of Frederick County, Maryland.

Over the last 15 years we have studied with medicine men and women in the fields of plant medicine, shamanism, practical and metaphysical alchemy and energetic healing.

Working together, our process entwines the feminine and masculine energies along with intuitive and medicinal plant therapies. Utilizing many wisdom traditions from around the world and crossing paths with the ancient Hermetic tradition of Plant and Planetary Alchemy known as Spagyrics, we lovingly craft ritual skincare and bespoke offerings that contain an elevated consciousness. Our intention as healers and innovators is to inspire our customers to find peace and wisdom in the healing nature of plants, while encouraging a return of RITUAL body care & INTENTIONAL Wellbeing. Every moment offers insight and experience, it is up to each of us to listen, know and be present.



Lauren is a professional Organic Skincare Formulator, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Intuitive, and Ceremony Guide. In addition to her business Fruits to the Roots, she has spent the last several years developing skincare lines and private formulas for various skincare brands, estheticians and spa businesses. She is currently pursuing diplomas in advanced organic cosmetic science, microbial testing for cosmetics, and organic beauty brand business management. In her free time she teaches workshops, adores exploring with pendulums, curling up with a good fantasy novel, talking to plants, drinking tea, and learning the Art of Chiromancy.


Brian has been studying and applying practical and metaphysical alchemy to the art of Spagyrics for more than 10 years. While his love for plant medicine runs deep, he is also an immersive experience Inventor, Maker and multi- media Artist. The culmination of these eclectic skills coalesce to form Infinite Wizardry. In his free time he enjoys gardening, baking and serenading the flora and fauna of our little homestead with his varying collection of wooden flutes. 

Some of Brian's work is featured here in our Artisan Corner, and his other works can be purchased on ETSY. See his Instagram to follow his journey!