The Creators

Co- Creators, Lauren and Brian Dodge

Together we have been working with plants and herbs for more than two decades combined. What was once a pure longing to help others balance their overall wellbeing and natural beauty, inspired an opportunity and in the winter of 2011, the dream became official when we created Fruits to the Roots.

With a holographic outlook on healing, our process entwines the male/female energies along with the energetic/intuitive and medicinal/plant therapies, crossing paths with many wisdom traditions from around the world, including an ancient Hermetic tradition of plant Alchemy known as Spagyrics. Many of our creations come from the use of Celtic Plant Lore and Wisdom, with some cross over herbs from Native and South American plants, as well as Ayuervedic and Chinese traditional healing.

Our intention is to inspire our customers to find peace and wisdom in plants, while encouraging intuition and a beginning towards ritual wellbeing.