Exfoliating Wash Cloth

Exfoliating Wash Cloth

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This gentle exfoliating cloth is the perfect addition to your self care ritual.

Gentle daily exfoliation can really benefit the face overall. Helping improve circulation and gentle skin detoxing, this ritual is sure to help you feel empowered and help soften the appearance of fine lines on the face.

Use as a gentle facial exfoliant alone by dampening with warm water or with your favorite cleanser. I love to use this with our Morning Dew, wash! Apply your chosen product directly to face or to damp wash cloth, and use gentle circles to exfoliate and cleanse your face.

Can also be used as a full-body wash cloth in the shower for a mild exfoliating effect. Apply bar soap or shower gel and rub-a-dub-dub!

Always be sure to apply moisture after exfoliating the skin!
For best results use up to once a day. Some say this is an energizing process, so you may find it best to introduce to your morning rituals.

made from...
SISAL (agave), a naturally sustainable material, this fiber is harvested from the agave plant and hand made. You will find the cloth to be very soft and gentle, making it a great option for most skin types.
-approximately 10" x 10" 

Care Tips : After each use, rinse with clean cool water, shake out, and hang to dry between uses.
As the material is fairly durable, this cloth can be machine washed and dried with a gentle detergent weekly.


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