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Our biggest hope is to provide intuitive skin support and meditative moments to your UNIQUE BEING. We want to encourage you to find daily BALANCE can come from soothing practices, such as INTENTIONAL skincare & applying MINDFULNESS to your life. It is our goal to help nudge open the doors of exploration, inspiring wider views on plant spirit, herbal skincare, the overlap between science & nature, and to guide you on a journey back to RITUAL practices that nourish you body, spirit and soul. We want you to feel utterly lovely, joyful and UNIQUE within your BEAUTY. You deserve to feel that Renaissance radiance.

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We have been learning with the School of Spagyric & Alchemical Arts since 2009. With this ancient knowledge and learned healing practices we continue to integrate advanced extraction techniques, herbal medicine & planetary influence upon all our creations. BLOG coming soon

Blog coming soon

Blog coming soon

As we reflect upon the universe, the universe reflects upon us. Rediscover your favorite FTR products through this playful planetary lens

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