Even though we are small business, every action counts on this Earth and we are dedicated to contributing a percentage of every sale to causes that matter to us. 

Because of YOU, we are able to make contributions yearly to causes that we believe in and help provide support and awareness.

Every quarter we send support to Community programs and Earth re-habilitation non-profits / charities.

Read more about these programs by following the links below.



street poets

While we were living in Los Angeles, Brian worked on a documentary film to help spread awareness for Street Poets Inc. We both became taken by their mission and the way they support human spirit and reinforce creative process for human growth and harnessed passion. As individuals and as small business we have been donating to help the success of the Street Poets Inc. project grow, since Brian's time working with them in 2013.

STREET POETS Inc. is a non-profit poetry-based peace-making organization dedicated to the creative process as a force for individual and community transformation. Street Poets harnesses the healing power of poetry and music to save lives, create community and transform culture.

Check out their VIRTUAL & Live EVENTS & PODCAST to further support this healing organization.

street poets podcast



For years Lauren has advocated against the use of palm products and at FTR we have done all we can to ensure we are not contributing to the deforestation and displacement of creatures.

To further support awareness, we are also dedicating a percentage of all profits from our best selling EVERLASTING CREAM to the Orangutan Foundation International beginning in 2022 with the OFI REFORESTATION PROJECT


orangutan foundation donation

 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of wild orangutans and their rainforest habitat. OFI also supports research on orangutans and forests, education initiatives, both local and international, and brings awareness concerning orangutans wherever it can. Learn how to take further action HERE

Download your own Palm Oil Awareness Tool Kit Here and a free smart phone app called PalmSmart to help you easily understand if a product contains palm oil, and what those palm oil practices are Here app to learn more today.