beauty lab, skincare manufacturingbeauty lab, skincare manufacturing

From the ROOTS of design, to the FRUITFUL final offering, we create with the greatest INTENTION possible.

Every beauty offering is designed, formulated, tested, produced & bottled in our dedicated FTR Beauty Lab. By bringing QUALITY control practices in-house, we are able to reduce waste significantly, guarantee freshness & lovingly hand-pack offerings in every order.


Efficiency & Increased Product Stability

A massive undertaking over the last few years, has been in Lauren's studies- pursuing a diploma in organic cosmetic science and cosmetic stability testing. (She is almost done!- yay!) With these new practices she will be able to make even safer skin products through intensive quality and climate control- as well as microbial testing and stress testing for every product! Because these practices are not yet required by law for all cosmetic production, and the cost per product can be high for testing, most of the time these practices are only done by big businesses making millions. BUT, if you know anything about Lauren, it is her will to make things as close to perfection as she can! Bringing these practices into our own FTR Beauty Lab, means that we will be working to up the small beauty standard for quality, AND these carefully studied practices will help long term to help determine stability and shelf life for every FTR product we offer!

Never Tested on Animals & Thoughtfully Chosen Ingredients

We take great measures to define our ingredients, formulas, and final product offerings. Along the way, it is our goal and bottom line to never cause animal harm via testing. None of our products, nor the contained ingredients are ever tested on animals- except humans! And these humans are willing, loyal and give loads of feedback :) While we do work with a few precious animal ingredients such as beeswax, honey, propolis, oil of egg and pearl - we make sure that our sources are local (when possible), ethically sourced and meaningfully crafted.


Waste Reduction

As a small business we continue to discover ways to decrease our global footprint. Over the last few years it has become even more clear, why keeping production in-house is so important. Sadly, the beauty industry is notorious for the amount of waste it produces.

Keeping our production in house, is just one way, we are working to keep our skincare line CLEAN and EARTH friendly. 



Love Note

It really is a dream to be able to understand our skincare on a micro level as well as an intuitive one. I look forward to expanding my knowledge year after year for you!


more info, videos & photo updates coming soon