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For every $100 Gift Card you send to a friend or loved one, we will send you a $25 Gift Card!!! When you share this holiday season make sure to send us a note, to let us know where you want a POST CARD sent, and what you want to say... we will share a virtual GC and we post a hand written love note from you!

Imagine a moment spent in aromatic contemplation, possibly the essence of rose and tulsi from our Everlasting cream... or the invitation of our beloved vivid sea buckthorn Moonserum as it glides across the skin... or maybe the moment you hope to share is the serenity of a soundbath meditation...

Let the power of nature caress you & connect with your senses.  You deserve to feel joyous in your unique being and feel empowered by the beauty you hold.

We are so pleased to share with you and your loved one this digital gift card!


*delivered via email to your chosen recipient 
*feel free to leave any notes in the special notes to the seller in your cart before checkout
*GC valid only for products, events and workshops purchased through and cannot be applied to any events or workshops that are to be paid through outside websites or collaborative projects.

**Gift Card PROMO only eligible in increments of $100 and cannot be divided into multiple smaller value cards. Your $25 GC will be sent on January 1st 2024. You can earn up to $200 in GC value when you share this holiday season.

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